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Shimla incident: Kashmiris not safe anywhere, says Geelani

Shimla incident: Kashmiris not safe anywhere, says Geelani
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Says ‘India scared of conscious youth’

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Srinagar: Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman, Syed Ali Geelani on Wednesday strongly condemning the ‘highhandedness and criminal assault’ on the shopkeepers in Shimla, a few days back.
In a statement issued here, Geelani said that “we always believe that Kashmiris are neither safe in their houses nor outside the state. Such incidents stand testimony to our narrative.”
“Our students in different parts of India are harassed for one reason or the other and most of them, failing to resist the humiliation, leave their education and return home as their safety is not ensured.”
“India is scared of the conscious youth, but now people who go outside just to earn their livelihood are also vandalized, beaten and their shops ransacked along with the goods worth lakhs,” he said.
Pro-freedom leader said that these incidents should serve as eye opener for those propagating the communal harmony and dignified life of minorities here in India. He said that “encouragement and patting from the administration, criminal silent affirmation by the police and garlanding such fanatic elements have multifolded these inhuman and immoral acts.”
“Taking control of our natural resources, suffocating every individual here in Kashmir, perpetrators do not allow easy breathing of poor Kashmiris outside also,” he said.
He said “the confusion, chaos and uncertainly, we have been forced in, is due to the lust and greed of the local supporters, as their myopic mindset has always glued them to the power, no matter at what cost and we as a nation are collectively trying very hard to break the shackles of this forced oppression and will leave no stone unturned to get to our goal.”
Meanwhile, Hurriyat (G) condemning the arrest and torture of Tanzzem Azadi’s president, Abdul Samad Inqlabi and described it as the ‘highhandedness and lawlessness’.
Hurriyat said the delegation from their family met them at Hurriyat headquarters and gave the details of his arrest at Dogripora and shifting Hajan police station where he was ‘physically tortured for which he went on hunger strike’.
Hurriyat condemned such police actions and ‘manhandling’ of pro-freedom workers.

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