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NC allowed BJP to establish its base in JK: PDP

NC allowed BJP to establish its base in JK: PDP
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Says both the parties are biggest beneficiaries of militancy, bloodshed

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Kishtwar: Accusing National Conference (NC) of biggest and direct beneficiary of bloodshed and militancy in Jammu and Kashmir, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Tuesday said that there cannot be any alternate to PDP for its peace, dignity and reconciliation.
PDP leader and MLC FirdousTak in a statement issued here said NC is the “biggest and direct” beneficiary of bloodshed and militancy in J&K and it encouraged the instability in the state for its vicious political interests.
Addressing party workers in a convention held in Marwah area of Kishtwar, Tak also blamed the NC leadership for allowing BJP to establish its base in J&K which (BJP) is now using surrendered militants and anti-militancy grid in Chenab Valley to destabilize peace and secularism in the region.
“People who are day dreaming of damaging PDP must understand that the vision and roadmap formulated by the party has now established itself beyond political parties. PDP emerged as an alternate to the bloodshed, jail-bharo, rampant killings, fake encounters, animosity with the neighbours and denial of political space – the policy adopted and followed by successive National Conference and Congress regimes,” he said.
“The PDP transformed the political ideologies and forced even the opponents like NC and Congress to adopt the policy of peace and reconciliation”, he said adding, “Today all the political parties speak about dialogue and reconciliation besides friendly relations with the neighbours. This is the achievement of PDP,” he said.
Tak said that the party patron Mufti Muhammad Sayeed even forced the right wing BJP to adopt its programme. “BJP accepted all the conditions in agenda of alliance formulated before formation of the previous coalition government. We were able to change the ideologies of NC, Congress and even BJP on Kashmir,” he said.
Taking BJP and its leadership head-on on the attempts to revive anti-militancy grid in Chenab Region, the legislator claimed that the party wants to use this machinery for its political gains.
“We are well-aware of closed door meetings and they are befooling themselves if they think that the people don’t know about their conspiracies. They want to create a mess and instability in the state for their political interests,” the PDP leader said.
The MLC said while the National Conference got the direct benefit of bloodshed and militancy in J&K, the Saffron party, which was allowed to establish its base by the NC, achieved its political goals through anti-militancy grid in the state.
“Both the parties worked in league to create mess, bloodshed and disturbance in the state. Now, they are bent on disturbing the peaceful atmosphere of Kishtwar district by creating SOG, STF and anti-militancy grid to muzzle our voice which we will not allow at any cost,” Tak said, adding “People are being paraded on different routes by the SOG which have created several nakas. We know that why the NC leader and former MLA from Kishtwar, who happened to be a minister, is silent on all these issues”.
He lashed out at the BJP for using surrendered militants in Chenab Valley for achieving its political goals which are aimed at disturbing peace in the region. “What relations BJP has with these surrendered militants who are carrying the BJP’s flag and supporting it in Chenab Valley?” the MLC questioned.
Tak also took a swipe at the NC for pointing out fingers at the PDP and said, “The NC must introspect before accusing others because it brought the BJP to J&K and it was its failure that created space for the BJP. The NC is also known for introducing black laws including POTA in Jammu and Kashmir. The PDP, which gave an alternate political space to the people, instead became a torch bearer for NC which used to talk of targeting Pakistan and Hurriyat. Now, they have started supporting our policy of dialogue, talks and reconciliation”.
He also declared that he would leave the politics if he had to compromise with his conscience like other politicians who bartered away the interests of people for securing their own political career.

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