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‘Law of Jungle’ prevailing in JK, says JKLF

‘Law of Jungle’ prevailing in JK, says JKLF
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Malik’s 7 day remand ends, continues to remain in custody

Srinagar: Members of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) on Tuesday held a meeting at party head office Abi-Guzar in which various leaders participated and deliberated upon different issues concerning the resistance movement.
The JKLF leader as per a statement issued here said that prolonging incarceration of its chairman, Muhammad Yasin Malik and others is ‘an exhibition of the fact that India through its proxies wants to establish peace of graveyard in Kashmir’.
“This should also serve as an eye opener to those who are habitually criticizing JRL and leaders and policies related to resistance,” JKLF leaders said while speaking at a meeting held at JKLF headquarters today.
Speaking on the occasion, JKLF leaders said that “suppression by military and police means has risen to new heights in Jammu Kashmir and police and forces have been let loose in Jammu Kashmir, turning Kashmir into a police state where only the law of Jungle is prevailing.”
“JRL, its constituents and the JKLF chairman along with his associates actually presented themselves before the authorities with a motto ‘instead killings Kashmiris of one by one kill us all together’. Police resorted to tear and pepper smoke shelling, Lathi-charge and other oppressive measures and even do not spare women protesters,” they said
“After using force, police arrested JKLF chairman and others and booked them U/S 107,151 but on the next day when a magistrate bailed them out, police came up with new concocted charges like U/S 307 (attempt to murder) to prolong their incarceration,” they added.
After re-arrest, Malik and others were presented before a court which remanded them for seven days police custody which ended today, the statement said, adding that “what is more astonishing is that those who used might to suppress a peaceful protest are charging those who became victims of their aggression with acts like 307 (attempt to murder).”
Leaders said that jails and incarcerations are nothing new for JKLF and its leadership but this prolonged incarceration of Malik and others for taking out a peaceful protest against unabated killings should serve as an eye opener for those who are habitually criticizing JRL, its leadership and policies/programs related to resistance.
Speakers said that “these people sitting in their cozy rooms and actually promoting Indian narrative, on daily basis come up with new kinds of criticism regarding the resistance and JRL.”
“Someday these people come up with critique on shut downs calling these as anti-people but when JRL comes up with peaceful alternative programs like candlelight protests or kill us all programs and police crackdown against JRL and its constituents is unleashed, these ‘chameleon like thinkers’ vanish in thin air,” the statement said.
JKLF leaders said that “India want to suppress every voice of dissent by police and military might, crumple our peaceful resistance and establish peace of graveyard in Kashmir but we want to tell them and proxies promoting their narratives that their day-dreaming will yield them nothing but shame and it is the oppressed that will God-willingly have the last laugh.”

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