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Increasing road accidents in J&K is a matter of great concern

Increasing road accidents in J&K is a matter of great concern
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Last year 926 persons lost their lives in 5,624 mishaps on J&K roads. From the last couple of years, almost 3 persons die every day in road traffic accidents.

Younus Rashid

Every day as the sun passes off and slowly the darkness starts to fall a piece of news pops up on my phone about the day’s road mishaps. It looks like a norm and a part of life to hear and let it down. Road Traffic Accidents! What is happenings and what to do to end up hearing such news or reduce to some extent; an action plan yet to come?
A man lefts his family to travel to Jammu for a meeting and returns dead, a newly married couple while returning from the market on a bike met with an accident in north Kashmir and dies on the spot. There are numerous such stories, which is unbearable to hear.
A statistic report by J&K traffic department shows 5055 road traffic accidents have occurred this year up to October in which 851 persons have died and 6682 were injured including 3459 persons with grievous injuries. While further going on the statistics of said department, Jammu is at the top in the number of accidents i.e., 1015 accidents in which 114 persons had died. When we look at the previous two years-2016 and 2017, 958 and 926 persons have died in these two years respectively. In 2017 alone 5,624 accidents had been reported. This is alarming!
Most of the times road accident or crashes happen due to human errors. Violation of safety rules while driving, an excess speed of the vehicle and many other causes. Among the various factors which adversely effects in reducing the increasing road accidents are providing licenses to those drivers who hadn’t qualified the required procedure to get the license for driving a vehicle.
As the road accidents and crashes have increased government needs to adopt the new technologies to reduce the number of accidents. There are various methods and plans to put in action, an automatic speed limit adaptation, and alcohol-ignition interlock systems that detect alcohol on the breath of drivers, preventing them from starting their engines and strict implementation of rules and punishments to all the road safety violators-not wearing of a seat belt, rush driving etc.
Meanwhile, an unfortunate part of the story is that the previous Governments were unmoved toward this matter. People are dying on roads, but no action plan had been implemented to reduce accidents. It is the need of an hour to create more and more awareness among road users to follow all the traffic rules. The most important part is to implement the recommendations –to curb mishaps submitted by the eight-member House Committee led by former MLA Kulgam M Y Tarigami. It is very awkward to add here that the recommendations are yet to be implemented after being submitted in April 2012.

(The writer is pursuing B.A English [Honours] degree from GDC Boys Anantnag and can be reached atyounusrashid786@gmail.com)

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