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Pak army to use GPS-guided mortars

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New Delhi: Pakistan plans to make use of GPS-guided mortar for precision attacks in the time to come, media reports said.
It has been learnt that Pakistan is in the weapons market to purchase the special and technologically advanced mortar which only a few countries currently have in their arsenal. Apart from some European countries, China also has these special mortars although Beijing has kept its features and abilities classified, sources said.
Sources reveal that Pakistan is extremely interested in purchasing these and has instructed its embassies around the world to hunt for a viable deal.
The GPS-enabled mortar with other countries – apart from China which has kept its special mortars secret – can target enemy establishments with extreme accuracy.
According to an official in the Indian Defence Ministry, the directions and target of these mortars can be altered even after they are fired, making them deadly for even mobile enemy units. Security analysts say that some of these mortars can also differentiate between enemy and friendly forces.
In the past, the United States has made use of GPS-enabled mortar to target Taliban in Afghanistan, and with a high degree of success. As such, technological development of these mortars is a constant process – making the new variants even more deadly.

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