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Local TV artists stage protest, demand work, release of payments by Doordarshan

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Srinagar: Dozens of local Kashmiri artists staged a protest against Doordarshan’s (DD) Kashir channel calling an end to the miseries the artists have been forced to face.
The protesting artists included freelance producers, directors, actors, singers and other persons affiliated with the trade.
The artists, who are affiliated with Doordarshan from decades, said that there is a “deliberate onslaught” on Kashmir language as well as on their livelihood as PrasarBharti is not producing any Kashmiri programmes for which the channel was created.
“For ten long years no fresh proposal has been accepted and the already submitted programmes produced and submitted by the local artistes are not tele cast,” said Aijaz Rah, senior musician and singer.
He said that even the payments that are due to the producers and artistes are not being released.
The channel, the artistes said, has been turned into a platform for flop Bollywood movies with no entertainment content for the Kashmiris.
“The channel was launched in 2000 by A B Vajpayee. The then PM and its aim was to cater to the Kashmiri population and also keeping in view the promotion of local talent. Unfortunately, we artists have not been given any opportunity to work from a decade now,” said a freelance producer.
He said the irony is that the channel has been turned into a “money minting machine for Mumbai-based producers whose flop movies are run at prime time while local artists suffer.”
The artists said that the payments for the work they had done over the years for DD Kashir is also pending.

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