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For steering us out of troubled times, we need youth icons like Shah Feasal

For steering us out of troubled times, we need youth icons like Shah Feasal
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Haziq Jeelani

Knowing Faesal for a while now, as a roommate, a dear friend, mentor, and brother. Having long conversations through days about life and purpose. He never failed to fascinate me with his strong sense of reason, uncompromising integrity, unfettered work ethic and sense of duty, relentless urge to learn and act upon it, and chiefly deliver on what he undertakes.

Having seen him go through stacks of literature on the history, polity, philosophy and science to arrive at a vision to address the most important problems our people face, and come up with practical solutions at scale to those problems. Being close to him in person over the last year, I have been constantly intrigued and inspired by his unfaltering empathy for humanity, his resolute commitment to better the conditions of people back home, and above all the embodiment of humbleness and simplicity he is.

Having seen his conduct in small and big actions, his interactions with people, higher and lower than him, the conduct towards his family and friends, and visionary ideas for change, I am pleased to see our piece of land has people like Dr. Faesal. 

Having gracefully completed Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS), ranking Number one in the prestigious Indian Administrative Service(IAS), serving as an exemplary administrator for ten years and making it to Harvard Kennedy School, none of which are an easy feat and each one a dream for millions to achieve.

We are witness to the unimaginable sacrifices you made while being here, and the hard work you put to learn and acquire a globalized perspective of problems communities, societies and States face and develop an inimitable understanding of how to address them.

I am more than convinced that you are the most equipped leader people of Jammu and Kashmir have and worthy of bringing the good change the people of the state have been longing for decades. Like thousands of youth who see you as a ray of hope, I have a firm conviction that you deserve our trust for the steering wheel, and we can lay down with ease that we are going in the right direction.

Now that you have to return soon back to Kashmir for a new journey forward, I cannot fathom a way to thank you and reciprociate your love, care and guidance and support as  family. This picture is a humble reminder of the notions which inspired to you dare it all and to keep you steadfast, and a reminder of the people you can count on when the weather is turbulent.

I know you have a long way ahead to go. Love and greatness to you Shah Faesal.

(The writer is a scholar pursuing PhD in Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology)



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