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Help in stopping ‘genocide’ of Kashmiris: Er Rasheed to world community

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Handwara: Condemning what he termed as brutal massacre in Pulwama, Awami Itehaad Party (AIP) president, Engineer Abdul Rasheed Sheikh on Saturday urged the world community to help in stopping the genocide of Kashmiris.
In a statement issued here, Er Rasheed asked New Delhi to stop genocide of Kashmiris. “Pulwama massacre has exposed the tall but false claims of Governor Satpal Malik that everything is normal in Kashmir and men in uniform have lost the moral right to be called security forces,” he said
“Governor wants everyone to shut mouth and kill every Kashmiri who dares to speak against Indian colonialism and barbarism,” he said, appealing world community to take notice of Indian atrocities on unarmed Kashmiris and appealed human rights organizations to use their influence in stopping New Delhi from killing Kashmiris in cold blooded murders every day.
Er Rasheed reacting sharply to Mehbooba Mufti’s statement that ‘we cannot return to 1947 and need to replace idea of Azad Kashmir’, accused her of creating confusion over Kashmir dispute and insulting the sacrifices of Kashmiris.
“Before sermonizing, Mehbooba Mufti should answer what happened to her idea of self rule and like NC PDP too has diluted the intensity and the significance of resolving Kashmir dispute by giving Delhi made formulas. While the regional parties have so far miserably failed in playing their genuine role and making New Delhi understand significance of resolving Kashmir dispute in its historic perspective, unfortunately the regional forces have made themselves worse than baggers of New Delhi and should stop stabbing the resistance movement,” he said.
He said that the least Mehbooba Mufti can do is to keep mum rather distorting facts, diluting the real issue and implementing New Delhi’s agenda.
“It is horrible that despite facing huge humiliations at the hands of New Delhi Mehbooba still doesn’t learn lessons and is unnecessarily getting indulged in creating chaos and strengthening New Delhi’s unrealistic and false view point,” he said.
“Before asking Kashmiris to give up the logical and historic stand she must answer what happened to her self-rule formula. If she couldn’t get even minor concessions from New Delhi, she must stop from becoming mouth piece of those forces who try to mislead world community by creating false and negative perception about resistance movement,” he said.
Er Rasheed added that Kashmiris are not enemies of India and resistance movement belongs to every Kashmiri irrespective of political affiliations and ideologies.
“Rather being keen bent to dilute significance of Kashmir dispute Mehbooba should have asked New Delhi what it had to offer if it doesn’t agree to implementing UN resolutions. Why should Kashmiris find or search alternatives to UN resolutions if New Delhi is adamant to snatch even the constitutional guarantees which state is enjoying within Indian constitution,” he added.

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