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Fear, uncertainty filled the air at SMHS hospital as injured were rushed in

Fear, uncertainty filled the air at SMHS hospital as injured were rushed in
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Srinagar: Families waiting outside the operation theatre at SMHS on Saturday were not sure whether their loved ones would be declared dead, or they would be told that they are stable. The uncertainty loomed around amid sobs and cries post the mayhem in Pulwama that was described by many as ‘massacre.’

A woman named Fatima, while tears were rolling down from her eyes was inquiring from her family whether her son, who was inside the operation theatre, was fine. Nobody knew anything, and her queries did not get her any results as the relatives helplessly asked her to calm down.

“We don’t know, he is inside for last 2 hours, we don’t know what is going to happen,” said Fayaz Ahmad, while assuring his mother Fatima that her son and his brother will be doing fine.

A simple call from the door of the theatre to the families of those who were being operated inside would send shivers down their spine, unsure of what would be the next word: dead or stable, nobody knew, nobody dared to ask.

Fatima and her family were lucky. A man standing on the front door of the theatre called the name of their son who was being operated, the faces turned pale in a flash, not knowing what will follow, “he is stable, one person can come in,” man at the door ordered.

While there was nothing to be happy about, Fatima stood up and offered that she will go inside, but she was not allowed. “Send someone else, we need a hand in here,” man at the door said.

On the other side of the uncertainty what dominated was families searching for their injured sons, brothers and husbands, after having heard that so and so was injured and families rushing to Srinagar.

Pellet and bullet-hit were being brought in throughout the day to the Hospital, eye-witnesses said.

After a woman in uncertainty, a man in a search was Abdul Hameed, a resident of Pulwama who was searching for his cousin at the hospital. He had heard that his cousin sustained bullet injury in the abdomen and was referred to Srinagar. Hameed was struggling to find his injured cousin.

“I heard that he has sustained bullet injury, but I don’t know where he is,” he said while looking around and asking people about his whereabouts. After meeting some familiar faces, Hameed’s search culminated.

His search lasted for more than 20 minutes and ended outside the door of the operation theatre.

Hameed joined the pool of uncertainty, being told that his cousin was inside, “being operated,” someone shouted from the corner.

In the meantime, a man at the door appeared again, “who is with Jehangir,” he asked, “I am with him, I am,” Hameed replied.

Hameed went inside, with the man at the door letting him in, not informing him about the condition of his cousin; even Hameed didn’t bother to ask in the rush.

Nobody outside the theatre knew whether Jehangir was dead or stable. The uncertainty lingered around.

Irfan Tramboo

Irfan Tramboo is a reporter and covers education and health and can be contacted [email protected]

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