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Pulwama massacre unveiled brutal face of India, says Jamat e Islami

Pulwama massacre unveiled brutal face of India, says Jamat e Islami
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Srinagar: ‘Grave violation of the human rights of Kashmiri Muslims which seems to be a state-policy of the Indian establishment’, Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir said on Saturday, adding that the valley is manned by those authorities who seem to be ‘anti-Muslim and whose only aim seems to be the suppression of the people at all costs’.

“The way the Indian forces personnel fired upon the unarmed civilian gatherings soon after the encounter at Sirnov Pulwama, clearly shows that the Indian establishment is implementing the program of the genocide of Kashmiri Muslim youth. The criminal silence of the world community is sorrowful which is watching the massacre of Muslims like a mute spectator. The role of the most of the rulers of the Muslim countries is more painful who show no concern towards the Muslim community and their sufferings at the hands of the imperialistic powers like India,” JEI said in a statement.

According to party’s spokesman the Pulwama massacre has ‘once again unveiled the brutal face of Indian establishment.’

“The role of the international human rights bodies too is regretful. Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir while condemning the brutal face of the Indian forces in Pulwama, pays great tributes to all the martyrs including Zahoor Ahmad, Mohammad Tahir, Mohammad Hashim, Shahbaz Ali, Suhail Ahmad, Liyaqat Ahmad Dar, Amir Ahmad Pal, Abid Hussain Lone, Murtaza Ahmad, Tanveer Ahmad and Ishfaq Ahmad who got killed by the unruly and merciless Indian forces personnel at Sirnov, Pulwama and wishes a speedy recovery of more than eighty (80) injured persons among whom some are in a very critical position,” statement reads.

Jama’at urged international community to come forward and take concrete steps for stopping the ‘genocide of Kashmiri Muslims at the hands of the Indian forces and probe all the incidents of state-sponsored terrorism and fix responsibility against those personnel who are found involved in these massacres and human rights violations.’

“Jama’at also stresses upon the Muslim world to take notice of the inhuman sufferings faced by the Kashmiri Muslims at the brutal hands of the Indian forces and initiate
effective action against the perpetrators of the state sponsored terrorism in order to save the Kashmiri Muslim community from the vicious plan of genocide going on at the hands of these forces. Jama’at further asks the Indian government to give up its Pharoaic policy of genocide of Kashmiri youth keeping in view the fact that every Pharoah has met a very dreadful end,” it reads.

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