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India, a biggest democracy trampling all democratic rights of Kashmiris: JKLF

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Srinagar: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) on Monday said that civilized world is celebrating international human rights today but Kashmiris are being killed, maimed, looted and vandalized by biggest democracy.
Addressing a meeting regarding international human rights day, senior vice chairman, Abdul Hameed Butt as per a statement issued here condemned the prolonged incarceration of ailing JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik.
Butt said that “India claims to be the biggest democracy of the world but this democracy is trampling all the democratic and human rights of the people of Kashmir.”
JKLF leader said that JRL had announced a peaceful candlelight protest week to protest human rights abuses by India but this exemplary peaceful protest was banned by authorities and many JKLF leaders and activists including vice chairman Showkat Ahmad Bakhshi, Zonal president Noor Muhammad Kalwal, Zonal general secretary Sheikh Abdul Rashid along with many others including social activists Shabir Ahmad Dabla and Shakil Ahmad Batkoo have been arrested while as JKLF leaders Nazir Ahmad Sheikh, Siraj ud din Mir, Zahoor Ahmad Butt, Abdul Rashid Magloo, Assadullah Sheikh , Ghluam Nabi Kashmiri and thousands of young and old are also in jails from a long time.
JKLF leader said that biggest democracy has chosen to choke every voice of dissent and every peaceful program on human rights which is ridiculous in itself.
He said that “from last many days to stop protests on International Human Rights Day, the way police and forces launched a huge repressive operation against the resistance camp shows that India and its supporters despite their tall claims have no courage to compete with Resistance camp on political ground and that Kashmir is actually a police state.”
“International community is today celebrating 71th anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights and India too is a signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which gives fundamental rights guaranteed to the individuals. Unfortunately, however India does not adhere to these principles. The value of life of a member of one religious community is more than the life of a member from another religious community and nowadays India is considered to be among the major human rights violating countries,” he said.
“Every year more and more civilians are killed by Indian armed forces in Jammu & Kashmir. India’s violent repression of protests in Jammu & Kashmir from 1989 resulted in hundred thousand deaths of protesters and the detention of thousands. Forces arbitrarily detained and tortured peaceful protesters during these years. The protests by the people of Jammu & Kashmir are carried for freedom and right of self-determination, against the failure to respect human rights and account for violations. The forces are using unnecessary or excessive force, beatings, and detentions as a tool to suppress the voice of the people of Jammu & Kashmir,” he said.
He said people of Kashmir for the past seventy years are in a struggle for the exercise of their right to self-determination accrued to them under United Nations Charter and the resolutions passed by UN Security Council on Kashmir Dispute. “The forces enjoying impunity under Armed Forces (Special Powers) Acts (AFSPA) and other such laws have committed mass crimes in Kashmir. Harassment, threats, arbitrary detentions and politically motivated arrests, threats to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly, crackdowns on peaceful protests, restrictions on freedom of expression, imposition of repeated curfews, restrictions, raids, and vandalizing of homes are often coupled with crackdowns on public protests and others have become a regular feature in Kashmir,” he said.
Butt said that year 2018 has been a deadly year for Kashmiris as killing spree has been expedited and enhanced by forces. “Killing humans and blasting homes has become a new normal and arresting and incarcerating political dissidents has become a routine,” he said.
“The ironical part of this mayhem and human catastrophe is that international community is sleeping in deep slumber and despite recent UN report nothing is being done to stop abuse of human rights in Jammu Kashmir,” he said.
JKLF senior vice chairman appealed international community to raise above its lip servicing and “try to stop aggression on human in Kashmir”.
“International community cares for the rights of animals but has left humans in Kashmir at the mercy of Indian aggression which is really disgusting. People of Jammu Kashmir are human too and need the attention of human community and if international community fails to deliver justice to Kashmiris, every poor and destitute including subjugated people of Jammu Kashmir will lose faith in humanness and human ethics,” added JKLF vice chairman.

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