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‘Wall of kindness’ generates warmth for those in need

‘Wall of kindness’ generates warmth for those in need
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Srinagar: Amid bone-chilling cold, a ‘Wall of Kindness’ has generated warmth for those who are in need of it.

‘Wall of Kindness’ is a unique initiative taken by a group of youth associated with an organization called ‘Who is Hussian’. The members transform walls into walls kindness by hanging clothes for needy, amid the bone-shaking chills.

Interestingly, strange scenes were witnessed on the ‘Bund’ along Jhelum in Lal Chowk, where the wall was created on Tuesday. Hangers were nailed, used or unused clothes were hanged and those who were in need came and picked whatever they needed.

The organizers said that the main purpose of doing so is to spread the message of Islam that it teaches helping those in need across the barriers of religion and caste.

Those who are in possession of clothes that are not in use come and hung the clothes on the wall and those who were in need, came and picked whatever they wanted—the kind of giving, which is said to be popular in some western countries and in Iran, is now gaining momentum in Kashmir as well.

Sayed Faraz who is associated with the organization said that they are aiming at infusing a sense of giving and sacrifice among the youth. The organization is planning to create more such walls in coming days outside colleges and Universities in the City. “You see that the generation of our parents is at the back seat now, the youth has to take on to the steering now, we are aiming at infusing a sense of giving among youth and that is why we will be creating more such walls outside colleges and Universities in coming days,” Faraz said.

The scene was unusual for everyone, and at the same, for a group of non-local rag-picker as well. At the mere sight of the wall on the Bund, they initially thought the unused clothes were on sale and enquired about the price.

When they were told these clothes were free of cost and that they could pick whatever they wanted, for a second, they were taken aback. With a smile on their face, they proceeded and picked whatever they wanted.

“I have not seen such a thing happening around, this is something new and I am really surprised,” said a woman rag-picker who picked a sweater for her daughter.

The organizers are appealing to everyone that if they have some unused clothes back home, they can donate for the generous cause.

Irfan Tramboo

Irfan Tramboo is a reporter and covers education and health and can be contacted [email protected]

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