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Battered with bullets–A poem

Battered with bullets–A poem
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By Aadil Hussain

When the darkness had devoured the light,
I eared her cries as if wrinkled with age.
The moonlit reflections from her endless tears
Forged an image battered with bullets:
The blood was gushing from its numerous holes
As if a lamb was bruised by million hounds.
“Don’t, O don’t! They’ll lynch you like your brother.”

“Did you forget when they fixed my eyes to watch?”
A shrill voice screamed like a trumpet in rage
“Beside her bed, I could only add my tears
To her helplessness, plucked by those dozen fists.
O mother, were we born from the same womb!”

After a week of darkest nights, I saw her again,
Amidst a million heart-wrenching yowls.
She was wailing as if doomed to suffer,
“Who will now shoulder the coffin of mine?”


Poet is pursuing BA (Hons) English at IUST, Awantipora

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