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The Prophet (PBUH): His ( SAW ) character guarantees peace, tranquility and stability

The Prophet (PBUH): His ( SAW ) character guarantees peace, tranquility and stability
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Mushtaq Hurra

My choice of Mohammad Salallahu-alaihi-wasalam to lead the list of world’s most influential people may surprise some readers or may be questioned by others but I believe that he was the only man in the history who was supremely successful on both religious and secular levels.(Dr. Michael H Hart)
Many stalwarts, Heroes, legends, leaders, warriors, statesmen and icons have shone on the world horizon since its inception. Some have done well in politics, some have proven their mettle in bravery, some have made niche in academics, some have been generous philanthropists, but none has attained perfection as a role model to be admired and followed in real life. With one shining aspect of life, their other domains have been dark and gloomy.
As a Muslim and follower of Prophet Mohammad Salallahu-alaihi-wasalam, I must say that he is the most perfect human being ever on the planet Earth. My claim might be challenged by a non-muslim or an athiest but it is not me and other Muslims of the world but scores of non-muslim intellectuals of the world have accepted him as the only Mr. Perfect of the world.
It is not only Michael H Hart but many other non-muslim scholars have praised Mohammad (Salallahu-alaihi-wasalam) for his unprecedented character and honest dealings with the mankind irrespective of its religious beliefs, caste, creed and complexion.
According to great literateur who is an Oscar awardee as well as a noble laureate, George Bernard Shaw, ” if a man like him were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world he would succeed in solving its problems in a way that would bring it the much-needed peace and happiness “. So, there must not be any exaggeration to call him the most perfect human being of the world.
Prophet Mohammad’s Salallahu-alaihi-wasalam life is a complete way to bring peace, tranquility, contentment and satisfaction in life. He is a compassionate father, an exemplary husband, a pious neighbor, a brave soldier, an efficient commander-in-chief, foresighted leader, a God fearing handsome young man, an emancipator of women, a lover human values, an embodiment of peace, a great philosopher, a generous philanthropist, a learned scholar who would resolve every riddle within no time and a virtuous king. I mean, he has no parallel in any domain of life. He is the best role model to imitate for a contended life.
Contemporary World is craving for peace and tranquility. There is chaos and confusion everywhere. Human values are being trampled under feet, human blood has become very cheap, economic and climatic instability is all set to wipe off the life from the planet Earth, people are fighting like mighty bulls, and the made race of material pursuits has snatched the freedom and mental peace of man.
Every now and then, political stalwarts of the world are meeting to resolve the deadly issues humanity is confronted with. Formulas and legislations are passed to restore the dignity of life but all in vain. No formula and no method is working. There is a single formula, devised some fifteen hundred years ago, for the resolution of all the issues and problems that is Mohammadi Arabi Salallahu-alaihi-wasalam and his exemplary life. If the world will follow his noble life as a model, I guarantee the world that it will find salvation, and its issues will evaporate in no time subject to submission His noble practices and procedures.
He Salallahu-alaihi-wasalam attained the stardom of a great statesman who rose from an orphan boy to the king of a great Islamic kingdom, without wagging a war. Yes, he defended and fought bravely when He Salallahu-alaihi-wasalam was provoked. History fails to provide a single instance where a statesman has never provoked his enemies for war and has risen to unimaginable heights without bloodshed.
Mohammad Salallahu-alaihi-wasalam was a born genius. Besides moral uprightness, He possessed the skills and knowledge of a foresighted leader. Modern model of UNO or League of nations is a replica of his methods when he suggested the Arabs to make a group of different clans to provide the security to travelers and pilgrims visiting holy Kaaba and Mecca for trade and commerce, He wasn’t a prophet then.
As a young man, he showed unparalleled maturity to lead the reigns of a nations. He Salallahu-alaihi-wasalam was admired for his honesty and moral uprightness in the who Arab that too during those days when Arab was caught by the storm of indecency, lewdness, fornication, female feoticide, gambling and many other vices.An orphan boy’s eminence in such environment is not lesser than a miracle.
He Salallahu-alaihi-wasalam was equally successful in business. He earned huge profits when he sold the merchandise of Khadija RA , a rich widow then. Thus, He showed us how important is it to run the worldly affairs. He never caged himself in a cave, leaving His family at the mercy of God though he preferred lesser material pursuits and comforts but He Salallahu-alaihi-wasalam took part in every field of life. Had He Salallahu-alaihi-wasalam been an angel, the things would had been easier for Him because angels are sans human needs but He Salallahu-alaihi-wasalam showed the world that a human being can attain such perfection and maturity.
His dealings with His neighbors were kind and generous, irrespective of their faith. He used to visit a sick old woman despite her rude and impudent behavior.He Salallahu-alaihi-wasalam would always enquire if his neighbors had sufficient to eat or not. He Salallahu-alaihi-wasalam would happily distribute things among the needy, poor and destitute without caring much for his own family.Even He Salallahu-alaihi-wasalam would starve for days together.
He Salallahu-alaihi-wasalam was an embodiment of peace and love. He strived hard to persuade Arabs to give up their old rivalries and wars. He believed in the oneness of mankind irrespective of caste, creed and color.He Salallahu-alaihi-wasalam rejected the perception of social hierarchy on the basis of color, wealth and family background. He Salallahu-alaihi-wasalam brought blacks at par with whites. He Salallahu-alaihi-wasalam gave slaves their lost rights and dignity.He Salallahu-alaihi-wasalam taught the world the equality of mankind irrespective of colors and complexions.
Mohammad Salallahu-alaihi-wasalam has been the greatest ever ambassador of peace. The religion and message He preached, is sure to free the mankind from the clutches of bondage, violence and superstition. Allah (SWT) has categorically called Him the mercy for whole mankind not only for Muslims alone. ” And we haven’t sent you, except the mercy for mankind “. ( Al-Quran)
His message holds the attraction and relevance for every era and every society.
Different religions loose relevance and importance in changing times but His religion and message is still possessing that relevance and attraction which can liberate the mankind from the yokes of violence and choas. Allah has bestowed mankind with lots of endowments but the most precious gift for mankind is Mohammadi Arabi Salallahu-alaihi-wasalam. May Allah bless us all with His slavery.Saloo Aliahi Wa AaliHee.

(The writer is a teacher, orator, poet and a social activist. He can be reached at [email protected])

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