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Every life counts, let people live their lives

Every life counts, let people live their lives
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Irfan Gul

Today World is dynamic, full of complexities, anxieties and violence. The graph of violence is rising. Countless lives get spoiled in unnatural, human and state sponsored violence around the world which of course we too are not immune.
Now-a-days no worth is shown for individual life as the world is witnessing a killing spree. Life is most precious and valuable asset, hence let people live their lives in peace. Life of a common individual is as important for his family and loved ones as is the life of head of the state for the country.
Every common individual should feel the same protection of life as enjoyed by the head of the state. Because every death is hopelessness filled with gloom, despair, misery and dejection.
No matter what, death is an irreversible act. Life is not immortal so it deserved to be living well and in a state of happiness. Hey! all who govern this little paradise, prevent this bloodshed as people are losing their lives for forever.
Everyone wants to cherish the life. This is the ideal perspective of life. But, do all people think on the same lines? We are in a situation where for some, life has become undesirable. Perspective of life has changed. Don’t dig deep to know why.
The reality is obvious. It is conflict, uncertainty, violence, killings, rights violations, injustice, harassment and other related issues. This small land of ours is inflicted by these so many problems for a very long time now.
It has been a long time for people to bear this burden. Living in such a situation may push people out of ideal situations. It is pathetic but true. Not alone the will of people, but the living environment plays an important role in shaping the way people view and live their lives.
The problem is that we never attempted to change such situation or circumstances where people may think otherwise about life instead of living it. Human consideration in decision making could have changed the ground situation if paying due attention to it.
When commendation is given on harming people, don’t think it will vanish from the people’s memory. Living life is a beautiful feeling but a brave act in a situation we are caught in, as life here has many colours to show. Living good life is the best gift of God. Alas! we couldn’t protect and save the people from this conflict or violence? We could not resolve the issue. We could not even hold talks for that matter. No one cares who gets killed and why. Pain caused by violence is killing the fun of living everyday life here. Due to constant disturbances, life here is mostly melancholic- but it is precious as we get it only once.
Everyone has a dream of living a blissful life as Life is like an end in itself. But here is a different story. Many do not see life as an end but means to resolve the conflict. This highlights how grave this Kashmir issue is and how important it is to take measures or initiate steps like dialogue towards the conflict resolution or conflict management.
Putting the issue on backburner is catastrophic as it will consume more lives which is very heart breaking for the families who lost their loved ones. There is no end to the phenomenon where young people are taking to guns.
We may always ponder whether life can be used as a means to get people out of this conflict situation? But it is the reality here. People knew what they aspire for will not stay alive to see that. But still they mean it. They go for it. And they die for it. This is something we may not comprehend the conviction behind. This phenomenon is quite unfortunate and perplexing but it has disputed the common notion that “everyone dreams of blissful life or no one abandons life in affluence”.
Is inevitable death anything to aspire for or fight against life which of course is misery for all of us? How can anyone think about leaving life in affluence? Isn’t conflict, violence or may be injustice a reason? The violence or miseries always empower emotions. The conflict like situation in Kashmir has turned something like institutionalized and left deep impact on the minds of people. The blindness due to pellets arouse emotions. The protest for disappeared by their families at Pratap Park is emotional and more to it is the negligence of state towards their plight.
Human beings are not animals but have been gifted by nature to be his best creation. Some episodes have melted our hearts. Violence disturbs people psychologically. These things depict that something is terribly wrong which has taken precedence over life. But unfortunately we ignore to find that and kept the blood flowing.
The killing of professor turned militant has shaken our heart. He had completed doctorate some months ago but we may need another doctorate on his 48 hours as a militant life to find out his conviction for fighting for the Kashmir cause.
I thought life was about serving one’s dreams, desires or instincts but I could not comprehend one’s calmness in anticipation of imminent death. I do not know this phenomena and may be no one can except them. These things are I think, witnessed alone here. We could have stopped this but I do not know what politics is like. Taken, that resolution of conflict may take some time but managing conflict through dialogue and humane ways could have minimised the destruction and saved human resource.
Life is not similar for all but all have to live a life. Ignoring life brings pain. As Michael Cunningham asserts you cannot find peace by avoiding life. Living in conflict area, we all should be compassionate as people suffer physically, mentally and materially. Some die of dreaming better life and some die for dreaming better lives. Here conflict has got human touch. People feel the pain of those whose loved ones became victim of present circumstances. But is this a job of only individuals. Shouldn’t state play a part in relieving the people from suffering? Shouldn’t people in the system stop harming own people.
Why people are dying to show that they are in pain. Will this phenomenon continue? How long. How long will people cry to make them listen? Show their frustration. We should have shown the vision but we snatched the vision. They were full of dreams but now full of dependence.
Since childhood they were told to stand on their feet and make their way in life. Alas! They can still stand on their legs but cannot make their way. They are in darkness. Constant state of darkness.
Will it not burst our hearts? But this type of situation is not everywhere. Life is different in different geographies. Somewhere cherished and somewhere chained. People in this part will always ask, who decided their way of living? Who was their advocate in negotiating their way of living? Why should political beliefs negotiate the life and death? Life is unique process, its flow should not have been stopped. Politics was the means to make lives better not bitter. Now politics has turned ruthless. Now it survives on blood. Human blood has lost sacredness.

The writer is working for ‘Pratham Education Foundation’ as District Resource Leader (DRL). he can be mailed at mrirfan780@gmail.com

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