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No post creation in 10 years, has the Govt forgot Dental Surgeons?

No post creation in 10 years, has the Govt forgot Dental Surgeons?
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Proposal for 587 posts under consideration: Dulloo

Srinagar: The government seems to have forgotten the Dental Surgeons as almost ten years have passed by, there has been no creation of posts whatsoever, with hundreds of new such surgeons adding to the pool of thousands of unemployed doctors every year.

As per figures that are available with Kashmir Vision, there are almost 4000 unemployed dental surgeons in the state, almost 200 surgeons come out of various government colleges every year, making the situation even more gruesome.

The utter disinterest of the government has taken a toll on oral healthcare in the state apart from jeopardizing the career of dental surgeons whose number is only adding with every passing day.

Notably, the health department, for the first time, has submitted a proposal for the creation of 586 posts for Dental Surgeons, however, the proposal is still doing rounds of government offices.

The government has last created the posts for the dental surgeons back in the year 2008, however, for last 10 years now, the government has been overlooking the issue, with callousness in addressing the multifaceted oral care.

Principal Secretary Health and Medical Education, Atal Dulloo while talking to Kashmir Vision confirmed that the proposal has been received, which has been sent to the finance department for further formalities.

“Yes, the proposal for the creation of 587 is with us. It has further been sent to the finance department and it shall soon be finalised,” he said.

Notably, 95 per cent of the patient load in the state falls directly on the government hospitals due to the reason of oral health procedures being costly in the private sector.

“This being the reason that patients are compelled to seek treatment from the quacks,” said a dental surgeon.

“The overall scenario has led to improper oral healthcare and increased surge in blood-borne diseases,” he said.

President, Society of Dental Surgeons JK, Dr Imtiyaz Banday said that the government has been callous with regard to the requirement in order to give a facelift to the oral healthcare in the state.

“For the last two decades there has been no attention given to the speciality, back in 2008, the government had created some posts, but you will have to see there are already 4000 unemployed dental surgeons and more are adding to the pool every year,” Dr Banday said.

While commenting on the proposal that has been submitted by the health department, Dr Banday said that there was a need for more.

“Keeping in view the requirements, there is a need to create more posts of dental surgeons,” he said.

Pertinently, with the government hospitals catering to the needs of the majority in the state, the government previously created 1 additional post of Dental Surgeons at District Hospitals. The current sanctioned strength of 2 dental surgeons at a 200 bedded District Hospital is also said to be less than what is actually required.

“Keeping in view the manifold increase in the patient load, population and speciality of oral health services to be provided and oral health awareness among the patients, the number is still less,” an official said.

Interestingly, the other specialities, like Gynaecology, General Medicine, Surgery, Orthopaedics in the healthcare, have, in the last few years, witnessed a shift in terms of manpower. However, there has, so far, been no upgradation of the forgotten speciality in terms of manpower and infrastructure.

Notably, back in 2014, 370 medical officers were appointed by the government in New Type Primary Health Centers (NTPHCs), the experts are saying that it would have been better for patient care if Dental Surgeons were also posted there in order to bring about a change in the oral healthcare of the peripheries.

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