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LD has 4 CTG machines, 3 more for back up- SKIMS has none

LD has 4 CTG machines, 3 more for back up- SKIMS has none
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Srinagar: While Sher-e Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS), Soura is struggling to have a couple of Cardiotocography (CTG) machines at its disposal for the functioning of its maternity care hospital, the already burdened LallaDed Hospital is functioning with 4 CTG machines, with almost a same number reserved for the backup plan.

SKIMS, being a premier tertiary care hospital of the state, may have excelled in other specialities, but the ill-functioning of its maternity care hospital is putting a question mark over the handling of such a critical hospital falling under its control.

Since the inception of the maternity care hospital at SKIMS Soura, the much-needed equipment, such as CTG, has been missing and after the pressure that build up from different quarters, the administration finally floated tenders in August this year aimed at procuring two CTG machines for the hospital. But nothing happened next.

The tenders, being invited on a short-term basis, were to be finalized within 15 days, however, months have passed by, there seems to be no progress at all in this regard, insiders say.

While taking into consideration the need of such a critical equipment, the process of procuring the machine is moving at snail’s pace, they added.

On the other hand, LallaDed Hospital, which is catering to the needs of the almost entire valley, and in some cases outside the valley, is having 24 hours functioning CTG machines at its disposal and is having the same number of such machines as a backup option.

“We are having 4 CTG machines at the hospital, which is functioning round the clock, given the rush that the hospital is facing, we have to be ready to meet the expectations,” said Medical Superintendent, LallaDed Hospital Dr Shabir Siddiqui.

Keeping in view, the sensitivity of cases that are brought to the LallaDed Hospital, the hospital administration, while already having 4 such machines, has kept 3 additional CTG machines as the backup, in order not to let the patients suffer.

“With having 4 such machines at our disposal, we have also kept 3 more as back up,” he added.

CTG, an important equipment, is critical for foetal monitoring during labour. It helps the doctors in making sure if the foetus’ vitals are receiving ample blood supply.

SKIMS is having an additional benefit of having all other specialities just at arm’s length to deal with maternity patients who at times develop other issues while undergoing treatment—the benefit which other hospitals do not have. However, the benefit has not been availed so far.

Irfan Tramboo

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