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SKIMS fails yet again on procurement of CTG machines

SKIMS fails yet again on procurement of CTG machines
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Maternity care taking a hit in absence of the equipment

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Srinagar: More than two months have passed, tertiary health care hospital SKIMS Soura is yet to procure the much needed CTG machines for its maternity care hospital. The height of official callousness is such that the quotations for the procurement were invited on a short-term basis (15 days) in August, however, no decision about the procurement has been taken so far.

The notice that sought the tenders from the manufacturing companies had mentioned that one M/s Meditech Life System had already submitted their offer, however, officials in the hospital wanted to give other companies a chance, and they were asked to submit their offers within 15 days. The process has now been spread over months but to no avail.

“SKIMS intendeds to procure 02 units of CTG machine/ Foetal Monitor on urgent basis & M/s Meditech Life System have submitted their offer. However, before the case is processed, any other company marketing/ manufacturing such machines & willing to supply the same to SKIMS should furnish their…,” reads the tender notice that was issued on August 2 this year.

However, SKIMS administration, especially the materials procurement wing, seems to have preferred silence over the issue, as the person who is heading the wing, refused to inform this reporter about the status of the tenders that were invited for the procurement of the CTG machine.

Dr ImtiyazNaqash, Chief Materials Management, SKIMS said that he cannot share the details about the tenders regarding the procurement of the machines.

“I cannot tell you anything regarding this, I am busy in a meeting, you call the Medical Superintendent,” he said while hanging up the phone.

Naqash told this reporter to contact Medical Superintendent, Dr Farooq Jan who was already contacted by this reporter, for comments. “Dr Naqash can talk about this, he will be aware of the status, as he is heading the CMM,” Dr Jan said earlier when he was contacted.

Dr Jan said that he had asked about the status of the process, including other things and that he was told that they are on it.

“While chairing meetings, I have been asking them about the status on the procurement, including other things, they said that they are on it and that it shall be done soon,” Dr Jan said.

He, however, said that he was not given any time frame the process would take.

“I have asked them repeatedly in meetings and have written letters, seeking the status of the various other things, which includes CTC machines. I was told that we are on it, without giving any timeframe,” he said.

When this reporter contacted Director SKIMS, Dr Omar Javaid Shah, he said that he will look into the issue. “I will look into the issue and will let you know about it soon,” he said.

However, later in the evening, Medical Superintendent, SKIMS Dr Farooq Jan informed that after contacting those involved in the procurement process, he has come to know that the Finance Department had raised “certain queries regarding the technical evaluation of the machines,” and the companies shortlisted have been asked “to demonstrate the working of machines live in front of the committee overlooking the procurement,” he said.

“This is the status of the procurement process, and this is what I can tell you right now,” he said.

Notably, the CTG machines are missing at the maternity care hospital since its inception and this issue is leading to increased referrals of maternity cases that should otherwise be taking place at SKIMS to the already burdened Lala Ded Hospital.

Notably, this newspaper had carried a series of stories reporting the ill-functioning of the maternity care hospital and had also pointed out at the lack of basic equipment imperative for its functioning. Following, the series of stories, the tenders for the procurement of CTG were invited by the SKIMS.

Irfan Tramboo

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