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Let Afghan talks pave the way

Let Afghan talks pave the way
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Moscow is hosting a major conference to create favourable conditions for the start of direct peace talks with the Taliban whose representatives were present at the meeting which was attended by India as well for the first time.The initiative taken up by Russia and the countries of the region has been started to launch dialogue between Afghanistan’s government and the Taliban. Though the Taliban is banned in Russia but the country taking a holistic view on establishing peace in the region took the step and tried to break the ice.The conference aimed at building an inclusive intra-Afghan dialogue in order to advance the national reconciliation process saw every possible effort to facilitate the opening of a new page in the history of Afghanistan.The strategic location that Afghanistan enjoys has compelled all countries of the region and the entire international community to see Afghanistan as a peaceful, independent and prospering country, free of terrorism and drug trafficking. The region which has seen lot of bloodshed over the more than 40 years was used for various geopolitical games and as a result its territorial integrity was put at risk.The world powers should understand that Afghanistan needs preservation of it being a united and indivisible country in which all ethnic groups populating the country could live peacefully and happily. The region otherwise, has been turned into a field for competition between external players with drastic consequences both for the Afghans and their neighbors.Now that the understanding has dawned on some countries to get Afghanistan out of the distress it has been engulfed into, it is a welcome step and approach. Even India’s former envoy to Afghanistan Amar Sinha and former Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan T.C.A. Raghavan are representing New Delhi at the Moscow meeting, though at a non-official level.The participation of Indian authorities has as of now opened yet another chapter in the present chaotic situation that has been affecting the Asian sub continent. India too is faced with a situation where it is at logger heads with one its neighbour. The participation will open up questions that if Taliban is acceptable to New Delhi government why cannot it initiate a non-official dialogue with non-mainstream stake holders in Jammu & Kashmir?After all Kashmir too has been witnessing violence and killings since the past three decades if New Delhi is concerned about establishing peace in its neighborhood what stops it to look out for the same in its very own backyard.



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