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Gear up for winter months

Gear up for winter months
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This year the weather Gods have smiled on us quite early. Kashmir witnessed a phenomenon that we had forgot over the period of time. This year we had an early snowfall unlike the trend that was witnessed over the past decade or so, making us to believe that we need to prepare well in time to face the long winter ahead.

An early snowfall in Kashmir has set the alarm bells ringing for all of us. The people who have to stay put in the valley for the winter months have started making plans and are making preparations to face the winter months.

Kashmir being a hilly area is confronted with many challenges during the winter season. The major challenges that a common man faces are his needs to keep him warm, make his food available and see that he can work so that he is able to sustain himself during the tough phase of winter.

Much of our preparations which are limited to ensuring our survival are being met by the people here but the major preparations which involve the state machinery fail us most of the time.

The winter challenges start with keeping the electricity available, making sure that the area remains connected through road and other means and ensure the availability of essential commodities to the people during the time of need.

However, the state machinery ends up napping almost all the time as a minor twist in the weather pattern upsets the whole scheme of things that are otherwise lined up by our planners.

Though some technological advancements like an improvised Meteorological department in Kashmir keeps the administration well informed about the changes in weather pattern, but the advancements fail to help our planners to perform better.

The seasonal disturbance that we witnessed today was also predicted well ahead, but the intensity as informed by the MeT department was not predicted to be so intense as it proved to be. Therefore, the admin was caught napping once again and no measures were put in place to set things right in case the situation turns a bit challenging.

The minor changes in weather have brought the long list of problems like failing electric supply, mismanagement of traffic and callous attitude of municipal bodies to tackle water logging and related issues, to the fore once again.

Traffic snarls were reported across Srinagar city as commuters faced inconvenience in the absence of better management and will of the administration to work tirelessly.

Electric supply in most city areas has gone for a toss and people have been left on the mercy of mother nature. The condition of various state highways too has become worse as almost all major highways have been closed for traffic and it will take days together to get them operational once again.

All this points out to the lack of planning which could have been avoided had the administration kept itself more prepared and taken extra measures following the weather advisory that was issued.

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