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Missing Srinagar youth joins ISJK

Missing Srinagar youth joins ISJK
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Srinagar: The missing Srinagar youth Ehtisham Bilal has reportedly joined militant ranks, sources said.
Bilal, who was reported missing by his family since Sunday morning is a resident of Khanyar area of old city.
Ehtisham was assaulted earlier this month at a private university in Greater Noida after which he was treated in a local hospital. Barely two weeks later the youth had gone missing, causing panic is his family back home in Srinagar.
Ahtisham Bilal, a first-year student of Medical Imaging Technology, was beaten up by a group of students following a clash between Afghan and Indian students in the first week of October.
However, negating his parents view that Ehtisham will not join militant ranks an audio message of his joining the ISJK has surfaced on Friday afternoon.
“I Ehstisham Bilal have formally joined the brigade for the establishment of Khilafah and have pledged Bayyah for Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi,” he reportedly says in the audion clip running over six minutes.
“I strongly oppose the un-Islamic goals of all the parties in the sub-continent, whether political or militant. I have pledged to establish the rule of Allah in the valley and have pledged to spill the blood of infidels to achieve the goal,” he says.
He refers to the incident in his University campus recently where the Afghanis were having a fight with the locals there, he says “the love of Khilafah had sneaked into my heart, the day when locals in Delhi attacked my Afghani brethren and I looked in their eyes without fear.”
Though police is ascertaining his joining the militant ranks, a police official based in Noida had reported that the last location of Ehtisham was in Jammu when he was trying to reach Srinagar. The claim was however, refuted by the family and local police sources in Noida.

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