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Going public with half truths

Going public with half truths
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Governor Satya Pal Malik while interacting with reporters on Wednesday in Jammu said that not everything some J&K Bank officials told him about irregularities in recruitments was the gospel truth.

The governor revealed that some youth and bank officials came to meet me at Raj Bhawan and told him about the irregularities in the recruitment process for certain appointments. He said that whatever they told me was not the gospel truth.

Though the Governor cleared the air about the alleged irregularities in recruitments in the Jammu and Kashmir Bank however, it will take lot of time and efforts for the bank to restore the dent that hit its image owing to the allegations.

The first thing that strikes the mind about Governor’s statement about J&K bank is that there was no need on the part of the Governor to speak to the media about an issue that was based on half truths and wild allegations.

Governor is presently heading the state administration and he as the head of the state will be receiving a lot of feedback on various issues that include governance, corruption, recruitments in various institutions-including the government sector, public grievances and lot many other issues.

However, is does not seem to be wise enough to reveal details by the governor or his staff on the issues that can prove to be detrimental to any institution or the government itself.

The J&K Bank as we all know is a collective asset of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and for quite some time efforts are being made to politicize and demonize the bank in one way or the other.

J&K bank as we all know is not fully laminated to allegations of favoritism and interference by the government as it is one of the key stake holders in the bank. But all these allegations apart the institution is the second largest employment provider after the government in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Not only employment, the bank has a remarkable growth to boast about when it comes to investing in various sectors in the state and helping out the young entrepreneurs to create institutions that in the long run help to overcome the problem of unemployment.

Besides, the wealth creation concept of modern economies that has off late hit some of our budding tradesmen is the creation of J&K Bank as the bank during the mid 90’s created a favorable atmosphere for their growth.

J&K bank is presently fighting off some of the challenges that have been hitting the banking industry over the past three years. At this juncture the bank needs support from all quarters including the government and the public in Jammu and Kashmir. After all we cannot afford to lose this institution as the state has only a few assets that are worth counting, and J&K bank is one among them.

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