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Armed struggle sheer reaction against inhuman attitude: Sumji

Armed struggle sheer reaction against inhuman attitude: Sumji
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Srinagar: Hurriyat Conference (G) on Tuesday held its Majlis Shoora (Executive Council) meeting, which was presided over by its Secretary General, Ghulam Nabi Sumji.
According to a statement issued here, the meeting was attended by the heads or representatives of the constituent parties of the amalgam.
The meeting discussed at length various issues including the prevailing situation of the state.
It expressed its grave concern on the ‘arrogant attitude’ adopted by forces, which have been instrumental for the prevailing volatile situation in Kashmir.
In his presidential speech, Sumji said that “the government is using its military might to crush our genuine movement by killings, vandalizing of properties, ruthlessness and arrests spree against the people of Kashmir.”
“Such intriguing and vile acts of repression have failed in the past to bend the people and in future any such pressure tactics by India shall meet its own end,” he said.
He said that “the present armed struggle against the subjugation is a sheer reaction of our educated youth against the barbaric and inhuman attitude and their deceit, arrogance and persistent denial of realities. It is not a hobby of our youth engaged in an armed struggle but a reaction of military occupation on Jammu and Kashmir.”
Sumji while highlighted the need for a peaceful settlement of Kashmir issue, said that “the coercive measures, killings, detentions and suppressions will yield nothing, instead will lead to devastation. The Indian leadership should accept the ground realities and should be realistic in their approach for the peaceful settlement of this long standing dispute.”
He urged the freedom loving people to stay away from the Panchayat elections at any cost as they did it in Municipal elections and said that “it has been used as a tool of subjugation at international level and also it is a deceit against our martyrs who are sacrificing their precious lives.”
Sumji appealed the UN and the civilized member countries of the world to take cognizance of the prevailing gruesome situation in Jammu and Kashmir.


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