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This upcoming crime thriller looks at crimes committed by women 

This upcoming crime thriller looks at crimes committed by women 
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New Delhi: A new novel, which is a heady mix of mystery and psychological horror, looks at crimes committed by women in the country.

Ajinkya Bhasme says his book “When the Devil Whispers” is broadly inspired by true events of crime by a group of women.

The plot revolves around the mysterious kidnapping of young Shalini and recovery of an unidentified headless body.

Very quickly, the readers are exposed to an underlying mass murder and kidnapping of children aged between 6 months and 12 years, by the same criminals who are responsible for the kidnapping of Shalini.

In their quest to identify the headless body and to find the whereabouts of Shalini, the police uncover various insidious layers underneath the cover of the case whose roots seep decades before the crime even took place.

The several character stories narrate their personality traits and their actions through psychological turbulence, guilt ridden conscious and a struggle to survive the wrath of one sinister woman who is capable of scaring even the devil himself.

In the finale of the story, it is brought to light that over a period of roughly give years, the group kidnapped and brutally murdered more than 17 children for personal benefits and Shalini was a victim of a cold-blooded revenge plot.   PTI

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