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Funds diversion deprives teachers of their salaries

Funds diversion deprives teachers of their salaries
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Srinagar: Authorities in the School Education Department have released the monthly salary to the non-SSA schools out of the Samagra Shiksha funds, a move that has been approved in clear violation of the already announced rules.
The release of funds has been made in violation of set rules under the Samagra Shiksha, a senior official said.
He said the revelation came to fore after audit of funds was done by the authorities in the Directorate of Samagra recently.
“The Samagra directorate recently conducted an audit for utilisation of funds under the scheme wherein it was revealed that the district authorities have released salary of teachers of non-SSA school from the finds received under Samagra Shiksha,” the official said.
Meanwhile, a group of teachers from Srinagar said they have not received their salary from past four months of this year and their one month salary of November last year is still unpaid.
“The mismanagement of funds is the basic reason of crises that erupt in the department. The CEO’s and ZEO’s divert funds from one component to other which is not allowed under rules,” he said.
Pertinently, the SSA teachers get their salary from separate funds released under erstwhile SSA scheme. But now the government of India has merged SSA and RMSA scheme under one integrated scheme-Samagra Shiksha.
“But, the funds can’t be diverted from one component to other. MHRD releases funds as per the proposed budget,” the official said.
State Project Director (SPD) Samagra Shiksha, Tufail Ahmad Mattoo said the diversion of funds at zonal and district level has created a mess in the department and has left the teachers without salaries.
“CEO’s and ZEO’s use salary funds to meet out arrears of these SSA teachers which are not allowed,” he said.
SPD Samagra also confirmed that CEO Srinagar has released funds to a non-SSA school which were otherwise meant for release of salary for teachers recruited under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) scheme in the department.
“We have found gross violation in utilisation of funds and have sought an explanation from chief education officer Srinagar regarding this issue. We won’t allow any officer to violate set norms of the scheme,” Mattoo said.
Civic polls: For 39 wards in Budgam 20 have no candidate, 19 win un-opposed
Budgam: Contestants have either won un-opposed or there was no candidate to contest the urban local body polls in 38 wards of Budgam district that went to polls on Tuesday.
Twenty wards have no candidate who wanted to test waters while as in 17 wards people have won un-opposed and in only one place voting had to take place between a BJP and Congress candidate.
“The municipalities which went to polls include Chrar-e-Shareef, Magam and Beerwah- having 38 wards in total,” an official said.
He said that in Chrar e Shareef there are total 13 wards among them 11 candidates have won uncontested and other two wards have no candidate.
Also among 13 wards in Magam six have no candidate and candidates of other seven wards won unopposed.
“In Beerwah only one candidate has filed his nomination for ULB polls who won uncontested and other 12 remaining wards have no candidate at all,” he said.
Meanwhile, among all the six municipalities having total number of 72 candidates voting took place only in one ward that was scheduled in first phase at Budgam’s ward 5 of Bazar Mohalla where two opposite candidates from Bhartiya Janta Party and Congress were in the fray.

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