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‘Calmness’ that was ghostly

‘Calmness’ that was ghostly
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Owais Gul/Irfan Tramboo

Srinagar: Eerie calm prevailed at most of the polling booths in Srinagar on Wednesday during the second phase of four-phased Municipal elections as few or no voter turned up to cast the ballot in many Srinagar polling booths.
The situation was such that even the polling officers deployed at the polling booths were taking a rest while some among them were seen busy eating food stuff and enjoying tea breaks.
Five polling stations were put in place within Deputy Commissioner (DC) office Srinagar, out of which three remained ‘untouched’ as no voter out of 2115 cast their ballots till 01:36 here.
However, out of 2063 voters at rest of the two polling booths, one each vote was polled till 01:38 pm here.
At polling booth number 2, 6 and 4 in Ward 33 Tankipora, the polling officers said that no vote was cast so far, while as at polling booth number 3 and 1, one each vote was casted out of 2063 voters in total.
Meanwhile, in ward 36, three polling booths under number 2, 3 and 4 Shalyar Madanyar and Chinkral Mohalla, no voter had turned up to cast the ballots till 10:30 am.
The other polling booths also witnessed a thin voting percentage as only 15 votes were cast out of 7158 at six polling booths till 10:35 am.
At Suthrashahi Batamaloo in ward 22, only 36 votes were cast out of 1270 voters.
The situation was similar at various other places as few voter had turned up to cast the ballots till 02:18 pm.
The polling officers at ten polling booths at Batamaloo informed that only 42 votes were cast out of 7484.
The situation at polling booths in Srinagar remained almost the same while as in other districts, the voting percentage was high as a large number of people had turned up to cast their ballots.

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