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‘Role reversal of JK Police’

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Srinagar: What can be termed as ‘unprecedented’ was witnessed at polling stations of Srinagar as a JK police personnel was performing the job a presiding officer. The details regarding the number of votes casted, the number of contestants in the fray were given out by the men in Khaki while the journalists were asked to stay away.
At Bagh-e-Mehtab, restricting the movement of scribes inside the polling station, a policeman provided all the details which were usually provided by the presiding officer at the station, however what was happening at this particular polling station was the opposite.
After giving the details, when the scribes insisted that they still wanted to have a look inside, he said “what do you need now, I provided you with all the details,” he said.
The policeman even knew who casted the vote in whose favour, as only the two contestants were in competition at Bagh-e-Mehtab.
The police and the CRPF troopers stationed outside the polling station said that they have been ordered not to let anyone go inside the polling station, even when the scribes produced their authorization letters.
The story did not end there, the policeman even updated the scribes regarding the status of other polling stations—the nearby Shankerpora polling station—and said that there is no need to go there, “not even a single vote has been polled there,” he said.

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