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Editorial: The eluding justice

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Srinagar: An eight year old girl is kidnapped, murdered and to cap it all raped-and the beastly act is committed by a cop and his two accomplice. The details as to how the kid was kidnapped, drugged and tortured before being killed after eight days of captivity is so bone chilling that even devils are put to shame.

But the conscience of some of the humans who call themselves civilized is so fraught with communal overtones that they have forgotten all human values and are hell bent on protecting the accused. For this some political leaders who happen to be associated with the right wing parties are helping their case.

So much is this case of rape and murder of a minor being politicized that two cops have reportedly fiddled with the evidences in order to shield the culprits. Now after these discrepancies have come to fore, the Crime Branch of Jammu and Kashmir police which is investigating the rape and murder case have arrested these two policemen.

The arrest follows the assertion after it was prima facie established that the duo had washed clothes of the victim that were soaked in blood and mud before sending them for forensic tests.

The case after being reported was investigated by the police and soon after it was handed over to Crime Branch whose sleuths arrested a juvenile and two special police officers Deepak Khajuria and Surinder Verma posted in Hiranagar. 

After the incident of rape and murder of the minor was reported condemnations poured in from every corner of the society. Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti expressed outrage, members of the opposition parties in the Legislative Assembly staged walk out from the in-session assembly and social media remained abuzz with the sympathies for Asifa Bano and her family.

Interestingly, the incident of rape and murder of the minor surfaced at a time when the crime graph of violence against women has seen an upward trend in the state. But amidst all this the government assured full support for the victim and her family and made tall claims of taking the case to its logical end.

However, it is heartening to know that people are being made to believe that the accused being from a different religious background is being framed in the case. So much so that two BJP ministers in the CM’s cabinet openly supported the protest rallies being organised in favour of the accused.

The open support by the ruling party and the public opinion being moulded in favour of the accused is enough for us to hang our heads in shame. As we have failed to get the case being treated on its merit the right thinking people in the state need to stand up and ask some questions to their own selves.

Should everyone among us not wish that our daughters get a better and a secure place to live in. Should the beastly act like this be covered up under the garb of religion and fanaticism.

Just yesterday when the whole world observed the World Women’s day, what should those who wield power and authority tell the wailing mother of the eight year old Asifa.

Should they be telling her to move on with her life despite the tragedy that struck her or should they will telling her that they will ensure justice to the little kid at all costs. Costs that can be as dear as having to bid farewell to the seat of power.   


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