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Plight of jail inmates: JRL to file written complaint before SHRC

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Srinagar: Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) is contemplating to file a written complaint with the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) divulging details on the plight of the jail inmates in the state.

A delegation led by Muhammad Yasin Malik on Thursday met Chairman SHRC, Justice Bilal Nazki and other members of the commission.

The delegation according to the statement apprised the commission about the ongoing revengeful assault against Kashmiri inmates especially those lodged at central jail Srinagar and expressed serious concern on shifting of many including lifers, under-trials, political prisoners and detainees to various Jammu jails.

 “Commission listened to the plea of JRL delegation humbly and asked to submit a written complaint. The written complaint will be submitted at the office of SHRC tomorrow on 02nd March 2018,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, JRL comprising Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik in a joint statement said that shifting political inmates including lifers, under trails and political prisoners from Srinagar central jail is pure vendetta and vindictiveness.

“International community acknowledges the rights of prisoners and those trampling these rights have no right to call themselves democrats. JRL will do everything possible to secure justice for Kashmiri inmates,” the statement said while condemning the ongoing onslaught against Kashmiri inmates.

Terming the ongoing assault on Kashmiri inmates, shifting them to Jammu jails etc as ‘illegal, unethical and act of vendetta’, JRL said that everything possible will be done to provide justice to Kashmiri inmates who are being penalized by the rulers and their police unreasonably and illegally.

Terming the shifting of many inmates from Srinagar central jail to Jammu jails as act of shifting blame on innocents, JRL said that the rulers and their police is actually trying to pass on the buck, hide their own failures and penalize innocent people for none of their fault.

“Even some lifers who were on parole have been re-arrested and sent to Jammu violating court orders to lodge them at central jail Srinagar,” JRL said.

“This is nothing but taking revenge from non-concerned and also putting a curtain on their own failures and frustrations by the rulers and occupational authorities,” they said.

JRL said that on the day an inmate escaped from SMHS, there were many other inmates who instead of escaping chose to return back to the jail but these prisoners are now being oppressed in jails which is highly condemnable.

JRL said that by shifting inmates especially lifers away from jails are even against the judgment of Indian Supreme Court that has barred governments from lodging inmates away from their homes and families.

They said that under the garb of escape by one inmate, police and forces under new hypothesis are putting Kashmiris to new hardships.

“Police stations in various areas are summoning those in resistance and politic movement to police stations and asking them to submit their photographs, photographs of their kith and kin including women and even the details of all properties their kith and kin posses.


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