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PDP-BJP crossed all limits of ‘nepotism’, alleges Congress  

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Srinagar: Alleging that the state government has crossed all limits of ‘favoritism and nepotism’, Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) Chief, Ghulam Ahmad Mir on Thursday said that the state government has failed to tighten noose on corruption. The Congress Chief also said that both the central and the state government have failed to control the situation in the border areas.

Addressing senior party functionaries in Srinagar, Mir said that the people are suffering immensely on every front.

“The continuous shelling on borders, deteriorating law and order situation and creation of  fear psychosis among the people has become a daily affair noe but the irony is that both the State and the Union governments have miserably failed to contain the situation, rather the wrong policies adopted by them have added to the problems,” he said.

Mir also lashed out at both the governments for failing to reach out to the people to address their concerns.

He held PDP-BJP Coalition responsible for the deteriorating situation in the Valley, saying that due to the wrong policies of the coalition government people were passing through a very difficult situation as they are living in absolute fear.

Addressing the meeting, the state congress chief urged upon the party cadres to remain vigilant to defeat the designs of PDP-BJP coalition, who according to him are hell bent upon to create a wedge between the regions for political mileage.

Mir added that people have realized that they were misled, betrayed and backstabbed by the coalition partners for the sake of coming into power.

“But this time people are alert enough and they will not allow the coalition to exploit them further on its ‘so called AoA’,” Mir added.

He lashed out at the state government for failing to curb the rising unemployment in the state.

“While lot of announcements are made and official press releases regarding creating avenues of employment for the youth are release, but in reality the government has done nothing so far.

“The fact of the matter is that both PDP and BJP have crossed all limits of favoritism and nepotism thereby creating employment avenues for their wards and blue-eyed persons only, which is unfortunate and highly condemnable,” he added.

He said Congress Party has always taken care of urges and aspirations of the people in all the three regions and feels duty bound to fight for resolution of people’s problems.

Referring to the socio-political scenario obtaining in the State, Mir said there is complete discontent and fear among the people in entire country due to the politics of polarization and communalism propagated by the right wing parties like the BJP and the RSS.

He said India had been a cradle of all regions in the world, but efforts were being made to change the narrative for the sake of vote bank politics by these parties.

He said that people must defeat the communal and fascist forces harming the age-old tradition of brotherhood, unity and harmony in the Country.

Mir also emphasized upon all secular forces to put in concerted efforts to bring the country out of morass, for the fact that the country is not in safe hands under the BJP Rule.



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