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PDP on path of surmounting challenges, seeks public support for peace: Bhat

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Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) General Secretary, Nizamuddin Bhat said that the party is making all out efforts to mitigate the sufferings of people and see that all issues, political, economic and social, are resolved as per their aspirations.

Addressing a workers convention at Bandipore, Bhat said that PDP-led coalition Government is running under a defined agenda envisaged in the Agenda of Alliance and there is no deviation from the defined course which is duly endorsed by the Union Government and the alliance partner BJP’s high command.

Bhat said there are issues with legal and political implications and opposition parties like National Conference and Congress should have owned responsibility for having passed the baggage to us. But ironically these parties put up a brazen face in denying being apologetic. “They were part of lurking problems and are welcome to be part of solution provided they put their own record straight, “Bhat said, PDP ever since its inception has been grappling with problems which were never its creation.

He assured the workers that the party leadership is steadfast in following conviction than convenience and bears a track record of not being expedient. Bhat pointed out, Even the alliance with BJP has been entered upon after full exercise and explanation to the people about the agreed contours, which he said took into, account the interests of the state and its peoples. There is no deviation from this, he asserted.

Bhat made an appeal for peace so that Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti gets a chance to accomplish her people-friendly agenda of resolving the ticklish issues with the support of union Government and a favourable public opinion at National and sub-continental level. He also hoped that Mehbooba Mufti’s desire to see India and Pakistan reviving cooperative diplomacy for peace and prosperity in the region.

He said that PDP is facing challenges of a very serious magnitude and the party cadre and leadership has remained under stress, which reflected on its performance in the Government. He hailed the resilience of the Chief Minister and her efforts to see that state comes out of unrest and youth of the state gets an honourable space to build the future Jammu and Kashmir. While the development was not allowed to suffer despite commotion, the efforts towards the resolution of other important political and social issues didn’t lose pace’ he added.

He further observed that amidst Indo-Pak border clashes she ensured that routes opened remain so and two divided people sustain well-achieved goal of integration through free trade and social exchange. He said the losing social ethos worries the Chief Minister and she is making sincere efforts for a harmonious, valued based society to sustain.

Referring to the developmental scenario in Bandipore Bhat said that various projects which could have changed the fate of the district were unfortunately politicized at various occasions by our adversaries at the peril of the poor people.

He said in the wake of the district status to Bandipore Mufti Mohammad Syed as chied minister set in motion construction of District Hospital Building. But then local representatives made a bad choice for its location. This not only delayed the completion. But also led to unbearable cost-escalation and building is still not commissioned. Similarly, Grid Station at Patshai did not see light of the day. Bhat said worst is witnessed in delayed use of 120 crores for Wullar development and 250 crores released under Rehabilitation Plan by NHPC. He said about 19 crores for development of Srinagar –Bandipore road was virtually wasted and swindled and the road hangs in dilapidation. He made an appeal to Chief Minister to herself take a review of these projects so that pending projects of developmental use are completed and people benefit from these.

He also hoped that sitting legislators from the District will devote the CDF for the year to reconstruction of vital Srinagar-Bandipora road and the neglected health sector.

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