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Mohajir-e-Millat was the vanguard of the people’s political movement: Mirwaiz

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To commemorate the 50th death anniversary of Muhajir E Millat Mirwaiz Yousuf Shah (RA) a rally was held by Awami Action Committee at the historic Aaalie Masjid in which thousands of people participated.

Prior to the rally, early morning the panicky state authorities once again resorted to forcible detention of Mirwaiz Umar Farooq at his residence, to disallow him from participating in the rally, only to be released in the afternoon. While Mirwaiz was released JKLF president Mohammad Yasin Malik who was also to address the rally, was arrested. APHC strongly condemns these senseless and arbitrary moves.

Paying tribute to this greatly revered religious, social and political leader of Jammu and Kashmir Hurriyat Conference (M) chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said that Mohajir e Millat was the vanguard of the people’s political movement in J&K, who represented and supported their political will and aspirations in deciding their future destiny as a nation, at the defining moments in the history of the subcontinent from 1928 to 1947 and later in exile in Azad Kashmir till his death.

Referring to the times of the Mirwaiz, Hurriyat (M) chairman said that Mirwaiz Yousuf shah had greatly resisted and opposed the the malicious move to break up the Muslim Conference in 1938 as he realized it would weaken the voice of the majority community in their say regarding their future dispensation .He also firmly opposed the subsequent accession of the state to the India union, owing to the fact that it did not represent the choice of the majority population of the state and would eventually be resisted and revolted by them .Mirwaiz said that late Mirwaiz’s stand stands vindicated, as unfortunately today the fourth generation of Kashmiris is dearly paying for the fraud that was played upon them in 1947.

Mirwaiz Umar said that for his democratic, rational and principled stand Mirwaiz Yousuf shah was banished from his land by the arrogant state rulers, declared an “enemy agent” and never allowed to return to his homeland as long as he lived. The late Mirwaiz throughout his life in exile ,whether in his capacity as part of Government of Azad Jammu Kashmir or as a common distressed Kashmiri citizen ,pleaded the cause of the people of occupied Kashmir both within Pakistan and at international fora during his travel to many countries across the Globe as president of AJK ,creating awareness regarding this human and political conflict in which a hapless population had been trapped and to gather support for its resolution in accordance with the wishes of its people.

Mirwaiz Umar said that the contribution of Muhajir e Millat for the people of Kashmir both as their political leader and as a great religious scholar and guide will always be remembered and his sacrifice of preferring to live in exile rather than compromising on his principled political stand will always be honored and will continue to inspire

Mirwaiz Said that the leadership and people of Kashmir will always follow the path of righteousness and justice shown by their selfless leader and will continue to strive for their just full right of self-determination. The repressive moves of the totalitarian state will further strengthen that resolve he added.

Mirwaiz said that the frustration of the ruling regime is growing by the day as torture and harassment of Kashmir people continues and their homes and properties across the valley are vandalized and damaged on one pretext or other to seek revenge against the subjugated but resilient people of Kashmir. He said that coercion against leadership and their aides and associates by the Government of India through its so called investigative agencies to harass and deter the leadership will prove to be futile exercise. He said Government of India should focus on the resolution of the Kashmiri dispute rather than on these useless ploys.

Prior to the rally Mirwaiz addressed a huge religious congregation on the occasion of jung e badr and shed light on its significance and message for the Muslim ummah

Others who spoke at the occasion include senior Hurriyat leader Prof Abdul Ghani butt, Representative of JKLF Noor Mohammad Kalwal, Representative of Syed Ali Shah Geelani Mehrajuddin Kalwal. Speakers while paying tributes to Muhajir Millat recalled his unparalleled religious, social and political contribution towards the people of Kashmir and termed the late leader as the true son of soil and one of the pioneers of the freedom struggle.

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