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Poor Airtel service irks subscribers in Kangan

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Poor Airtel service is causing a huge problem to its subscribers in Ramwari area of Gund tehsil in Ganderbal district.

A group of Airtel subscribers from the area said that due to weak signals of Airtel in the area, they are suffering.

Many residents said that they were facing the problem since years. Muhammad Jamil Lone, a resident said, “We don’t know whom to complain. Our cell phones start working only when we are out of the area. We have to dial the desired number several times to get connected. If someone is trying our number, they too have to try our number several times.”

Another resident said, “Those who try to get through to our number are greeted with recorded messages like the number you are trying to reach is not available. When it does connect, after repeated attempts, we have to bear with the weak signals. As a result of which, the voice of the caller is hardly audible or we face the problem of call drops. So, in place of one call we end up getting charged for more than one call due to frequent disconnections.

The residents urged the concerned officials to rectify the problem at the earliest otherwise they would be forced to switch to another cellular network.

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