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Give up arms, BJP advises Kashmiri youth

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Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Thursday asked the youth who have joined militant ranks to follow the footsteps of the misguided Danish, who surrendered before the security forces and gave up arms.

In a statement here the BJP spokesman Khalid Jehangir said, “Gun has only brought destruction and created graveyards. It has made the agents of Pakistan rich and has brought miseries for the common people.”

The BJP spokesman said, “Family members of the misguided youth should counsel their wards so that they can be brought back into the national mainstream. These youth by taking up arms put themselves at risk and give invitation to death. They should choose life over death and call it a day.  Bloodshed and violence are no solutions. Youth should concentrate on their careers and become the torchbearers rather than militants.”

Referring to the people assembling near gunfight sites, Jehangir said, “People should realize that by going near the encounter sites and pelting stones at the security forces they are committing a suicide. People should stay away from the gunfight sites and not risk their lives by disrupting the search operations.”

He reiterated that BJP is committed to “sab-key-saath- sab-ka- vikas” and wants Kashmiri youth to become a part of India’s growth and development.

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