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Frequent internet blockade affecting student community

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Frequent internet blockade has come under severe criticism with students, alleging it to be a reason of immense hardships.

A delegation of students told Kashmir Vision that they are facing tremendous hardships due to the frequent internet blockade in the Valley.

“The internet blockade is putting our educational career at stake,” said Fasil Chaku, a student at Kashmir University’s MERC department.

He said nowadays, the students mostly rely on the internet, but in Kashmir smooth and continuous internet services have remained a distant dream.

“The mobile internet is very important for the students especially in present time but the authorities are pushing the student community to face hardships especially during our exams,” he said.

Mudasir Ahmad, another student from the department said “Last year, when I was applying for admission at Kashmir University, I was not able to fill my admission form. So, I had to come to campus to fill my admission form.”

Iqra Nazir, a B.Sc IT student at Kashmir University blamed the government for doing nothing to relieve students of the miseries they face.

“It is not for the first time that students are suffering, it has happened in past as well. It is unfortunate that the government despite being aware of everything is still acting as a mute spectator,” Iqra said.

Karanjeet Singh, a student of BA at Government Degree College Baramulla said that it doesn’t look like they were living in the age of digital world.

“I don’t understand banning of internet services frequently inthe digital world, it seems that we are living in the Stone Age,” Singh said.

A professor at University of Kashmir on the condition of anonymity said that banning of internet services frequently was a cause of concern.

“It is not only student’s community, but the faculty here also gets a hit. I think all the stakeholders need to come forward and must talk to government for a permanent solution,” the professor said. 


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