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Cancel nomination list, Ladakh dentists tell JKSDC

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After the agitation by the dental surgeons at Jammu and Srinagar, the dentists of Ladakh region are up in arms against an order of state Health and Medical Education Dept. (HME) that has totally neglected the Ladakh region.

HME has constituted J&K State Dental Council (JKSDC) after approval from Health Minister, Bali Bhagat, but there is no representation from Ladakh region.

The dentists of Jammu and Kashmir divisions are agitating against the nomination of a junior dentist, who is working at present as a registrar for a fixed tenure of three years in the Indira Gandhi Govt Dental College (IGGDC), Jammu.

 The post of registrar is even below the level of a lecturer in a dental college. The senior faculty members of the dental colleges of the state are feeling humiliated by this move of the health minister, a statement issued here said.

The dentists of Ladakh have unanimously condemned the way in which JKSDC has been constituted by the HME when the Jammu and Kashmir High Court has ordered the elections to the council. They said that a junior dentist, who has engaged the health minister Bali Bhagat by inviting him as a chief guest in several functions, has been nominated while no dentist from Ladakh is in the nomination list.

They demanded that this nominated list must be cancelled and a dentist either B grade specialist, senior-most dental surgeon or a senior private practitioner must be inducted in the JKSDC nomination list from Ladakh.

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