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L.D. Medical Negligence: Committees enquiring ‘negligence’ fails to submit report

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Committees that were formed to investigate the case of medical negligence that led to the death of an infant in Govt. Lalla Ded Hospital, last week, have failed to submit their reports which the committees were tasked to do in two days.

A case of medical negligence was reported by this newspaper last week, in which a patient, Asifa bearing MRD Number 4401 had to lose her infant baby due to the negligence of the doctors on duty.

While taking notice of the incident that occurred on Thursday, the Medical Superintendent (MS), Lalla Ded Hospital formed a committee on Friday. The committee was tasked to enquire about the infant’s cause of death, and was ordered to submit its report within two days.

The committee formed by the MS, Lalla Ded Hospital, Dr. Nazir Malik was headed by Prof. Night Firdous, and was scheduled to submit its report on Monday, however, it has completely failed to do so.

“The committee will submit the report within two days, positively,” reads the circular that was issued by MS, Lalla Ded Hospital issued on 26th May.

In this connection, Principal and Dean, Government Medical College, Srinagar had also formed a five member committee headed by HOD Gynae & Obstetrics, GMC, Srinagar; however, the committee too, has failed to submit its report on Monday.

While talking to Kashmir Vision, MS, Lalla Ded Hospital, Dr. Nazir Malik said that “due to shut down and restrictions, the members of the committee could not meet; therefore, they could not submit the report on Monday.” 

While talking to Kashmir Vision, Rouf Ahmad, husband of the patient, Asifa, said that “we were discharged today; however, they said that the committee will take some more time to file its report.”

“It seems that the administration has decided to hush up the enquiry by delaying the submission of the report,” he added.

“As of now, it seems that the administrative bodies are callous in getting to the bottom of the negligence that led to the death of an infant who was yet to see the outer world. The administration, initially took notice of the report regarding the incident that was published in this newspaper, but now it seems that they are not so serious in taking forward the enquiry into the matter,” he added.

Pertinent to mention, Asifa, a high risk pregnancy patient was shifted to SMHS on Thursday, for no reason, and while returning back to Lalla Ded hospital, the ambulance driver had resorted to rash driving that led to the death of Asifa’s infant.


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