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No pol party in India is sincere in resolving Kashmir conflict: Er. Rasheed

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Independent lawmaker, Er. Rasheed said that political parties In India have a unanimous position regarding Kashmir and they will not compromise it with the country’s National interest and national security.

“Kashmiris have never been under any such impression that even a single political party or individual has ever been sincere to resolve Kashmir dispute or has been truly concerned about the rights of Kashmiris since 1947,” he said.

Rasheed was reacting to the statement of Congress spokesman Anand Sharma’s where he distanced the party from Mani Shankar Aiyar’s recent views on Kashmir.

He said that there is pattern with these political parties and every time a leader speaks about Kashmir from a different viewpoint the party distances themselves from these individuals. However, he pointed that even these different viewpoints are part of the statecraft.

 “BJP disowned Yashwant Sinha, Congress has distanced itself from Mani Shankar Aiyar’s mission Kashmir, but both have been sent with a calculated plan by the state craft,” he said.

“It is known to all that what congress president G A Mir talks in Kashmir, Raman Bhala rejects that in Jammu and National level leaders support every offensive measure against Kashmiris in Delhi,” he said.

After having unmasked the congress’s duel face, those talking about holding a so called Kashmir conclave should first explain what is the agenda and intention of holding the same.

He said that New Delhi forms Kashmir committees, appoints interlocutors or enters into mutual agreements with Pakistan just to give Kashmiris a notion that India is sincere in facilitating the resolution of Kashmir dispute. .

 “Every Indian politician who visits Kashmir has always an agenda having received nod from all political parties including BJP, Congress and others and we should be not confused in understanding that for every Indian political that J&K is India’s colony,” he said. He added that whoever meets these undercover crises managers must tell them loud and clear that Kashmiris will agree to nothing less than right to self determination.  

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