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94% doctors use wrong symbols as their emblem: DAK

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Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) today lashed out at doctors and said that most of the doctors do not know the real symbol of medicine.

President DAK Dr Nisar ul Hassan in a statement said that doctors are unaware of their emblem and use false symbol of medicine.

An Indian study published in the “Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research”, 2014 found that 94 percent of doctors did not know the real symbol of medicine.

Only a minuscule 6 percent were aware that “Rod of Asclepius” is the true symbol of medicine.

 “Asclepius rod with one serpent entwined has represented healing and renewal for millennia and the original Hippocratic Oath is addressed to Asclepius. According to Greek mythology, Asclepius was a divine physician who was renowned for his unsurpassed medical prowess and healing powers”, said the statement.

The serpent depicts the dual nature of a physician who deals with sickness and health, life and death.

“But unfortunately, in a misconception, “Caduceus” a rod entwined by two serpents and two wings has been considered the symbol of medicine,” said the statement.

The statement said that most hospitals, medical colleges, clinics, professional bodies, prescriptions and medical journals use this logo.

 “The very emblem we flaunt as an insignia of our profession is a false symbol and has nothing to do with the noble art of healing,” it said.

With lack of knowledge about the true symbol of health, doctors use logos which do not belong to them.

 They use “Red Cross” sign which is not meant for them.

This has created confusion among people who see Red Cross representing the health care which it does not.

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