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Justice delayed is justice denied 

Speedy disposal of cases in the courts deserves to be a key priority area for the government. The issue needs lot of attention in the state of Jammu and Kashmir as more than three lakh cases are pending for want of disposal in the courts spread across the state. An insight into the work load […]


Gurez, as a tourist destination

Kashmir valley is gifted by the scenic locales and picturesque destinations that capture the attention of nature lovers. However, the tourist potential of such destinations that would attract visitors in hordes is not being exploited to the point that it can be. Promotion of tourism sector in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, especially Kashmir […]


Follow up to NICO

The Union government announced Non Initiation of Combat Operations (NICO) ahead of the holy month of Ramadhan and hopefully the move has paid off. Reports from the security establishment also suggest that so far the shift has worked as the incidents of violence have shown a remarkable down slide. The union governments decision that means-has […]


Soaring prices during Ramadhan

The Month of Ramadhan is here and so are the soaring prices of commodities that are being consumed in almost each and every household in the Valley. What has however, remained the same is the pathetic attitude of authorities who have remained ignorant about these developments as usual. Consumers across Kashmir are complaining that prices […]


Directionless strategies

As New Delhi prepares to adopt yet another new strategy to deal with the militants operating in Kashmir it seems that the policy makers are once again missing a point. The security apparatus is presently abuzz with a new mantra of catching the militants alive. The forces who are riding on the wave of success […]


Promoting horticulture

Horticulture has been one of our main contributor towards the economy. However, the sector is witnessing negligence from the government. So much so the state is yet to formulate a horticulture policy. In 2017 the government had made it clear that a horticulture policy would be finalised and implemented soon but, nothing substantive has been […]

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White poison

We all consume milk in good quantities every day. The product is so much in use that no household can afford to be without it for even a single day. The use of milk has therefore not only broadened the sales network but has also increased the demand for the product with every passing day. […]


Care for the elders

Respect and care for the elders has to come from the heart. No legislation or even a threat can compel anyone to show respect to elders, however, the government’s efforts of making some tough legislation’s definitely helps in bringing down the abuse the elders are facing in today’s social setup. Therefore, the move by the […]


The state is now armed

The Governor N. N. Vohra has finally approved the ordinance that approves death sentence to child rapists in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The ordinance under the Jammu and Kashmir Criminal Law (Amendment) 2018 and the Jammu and Kashmir Protection of Children from Sexual Violence Ordinance, 2018 is now approved and the state can […]


Ceasefire and beyond

It’s is official now. The centre has asked security forces not to launch anti militancy operations in Jammu and Kashmir during the holy month of Ramazan. The union government has announced the move saying that the decision has been taken to help the peace-loving Muslims to observe Ramazan in a peaceful environment. The move has […]

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