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Any change in demography detrimental to JK, its people: Malik

Any change in demography detrimental to JK, its people: Malik
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Says tinkering with State subject law will face full-fledged agitation

Srinagar: Following the call given by the Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL), Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik on Friday led a protest against what they termed as the attempts to abrogate Article 35-A.
Malik who was joined by the amalgam leaders and activists staged protest at Amira Kadal here against what they termed as the conspiracies to change the demography of Jammu Kashmir, tinkering with the hereditary state subject law and tarnish the unique identity of Jammu and Kashmir under the garb of 35A.
Holding placards against proposed abrogation of the state subject law and in favor of freedom, the protesters raised slogans on the occasion.
Addressing the protesters, Malik said that any tinkering with hereditary State subject law will face a full-fledged agitation from Jammu Kashmir.
“Any change in demography of Jammu and Kashmir is detrimental to all inhabitants of this land and people of the state will spill their blood to safeguard the uniqueness of this land. State subject law is in all respects is linked to our right of self determination and any attack on it has grave consequences for our national life,” Malik said.
Earlier, Malik also addressed people at Masjid Hamza Kokerbazar during which he said that state subject law and defending it is a matter of life and death for the people of Jammu and Kashmir and no Kashmiri will sit silent on its abrogation.
“People of Jammu Kashmir are all one on this matter because its abrogation will affect each one of us. Some pro-India politicians who for the lust of power have been acting as the collaborators of Indian oppression and occupation are raising hue and cry about resistance camps involvement in this matter and are saying that it is like defending Indian constitution. We want to tell these hypocrites that nation of Jammu and Kashmir from the last seventy plus years has been witnessing death, destruction and miseries and it is these people and their parties’ who are responsible for all what Kashmiris are going through,” he said.
He said that people of Jammu and Kashmir are striving for their right of self determination and state subject law is directly linked with this right.
Malik said that under the garb of removing 35A, RSS backed BJP and its allies want to abrogate hereditary state subject law enacted in 1927 and hence settle non-Kashmiris on this land.
“This is what Israeli zionists do in Palestine and grabbed land of Palestinian people and made the real inhabitants of that land as slaves and subjugated people. Pro-India supporters who are upset with the peoples support to JRL from Kargil to Poonch and Doda to Srinagar should know that Kashmiris will spill their blood to save their identity and uniqueness,” he asserted.
Asking people of Kashmir to keep ready for a full-fledged peoples agitation, Malik said that “if Supreme Court of India delivers any verdict that is against the aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, whole Kashmir will come out on roads and we will not shy away even from spilling blood on roads and streets to defend the hereditary state subject law.”
Condemning the arrest of social activist Advocate Talib Hussain under ‘dubious’ charges and ‘torturing’ him in custody, killing an innocent Syed Murad Shah at Bithendi Jammu and firing on more innocents at Gool Ramban in which one innocent Mudasir ahmad Gujjar got killed, Malik said that once again Jammu is under attack from forces who want to communalize the environment for their petty political gains.
“This intimidation of Muslims in Jammu is unacceptable and we urge Indian rulers to have some sense and refrain from playing with fire,” he said, adding that Kashmiris are at the back of their Jammu brothers and will do everything possible to safeguard their interests.”

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