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‘Mysterious’ blast leaves kids shattered for the rest of their lives  

‘Mysterious’ blast leaves kids shattered for the rest of their lives  
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Srinagar: The kids who sustained life threatening injuries in a ‘mysterious’ blast in Memender area of south Kashmir’s Shopian district couple of days ago, are luckily recovering, but the incident may change the lives of these kids physically as well as mentally forever. The engraved psychological impact of the incident on their mind, their fearful, worried parents say, will take time to heal, or may not even heal at all.

Suhaib (08) is struggling with  his injured leg says that he along with some other friends, who were also injured, were chasing away a monkey who was roaming around in the area, and while doing so, they reached a place away from their own locality—place, where the blast occurred.

While, it was earlier said that the kids were fiddling with something which later exploded all of a sudden, Suhaib nullifies the statement and says that they were actually chasing a monkey away.

“We were not playing with anything, we were chasing a monkey away, we were having fun and all of a sudden there was a loud explosion, after that I don’t remember anything,” says little Suhaib.

Suhaib further says that, when he, along with his friends, was down on the ground, he heard a woman saying that something came down from the sky which exploded.

“When I was lying down, I heard a woman saying that something came down from the sky, it was when she asked people to come for help and took us away,” said a puzzled Suhaib.

Suhaib has sustained ligament injuries in his right leg, and luckily his bone has survived any damage.

“He is improving, but now we have been asked to take him to Bone & Joints Hospital for further treatment,” says his father, Shabir Ahmad Ganaie.

Shabir, however fears that the trauma is going to have long term impact on his son, given the tender age his son is in.

“Fortunately, he is out of it, but I fear that the impact may stay there,” he said, adding “the incident is potent enough to change his life, along with all those who were injured.”

Suhaib is admitted in ward number 18 of SHMS along with another friend Tahir, who is of the same age and has sustained grave injuries than that of Suhaib. Tahir’s hand was amputated on Wednesday in a hope to save his life.

“Doctors told us that there was no option but to amputate, and we had no option but to agree to this in order to save his life,” said Khushid Ahmad.

Apart from these two, another kid named Arsalan Aslam is still under observation, who has sustained grave eye injuries due to the explosion.

“His condition was critical till today (Friday), but he seems to be improving, we have taken him off the ventilator, he may live, but his eyes have been badly damaged,” said a doctor at SMHS.

Another injured kid named Razia who was also injured during the incident is said to be stable, but under observation.

All the three kids were injured at Memender Shopian on Wednesday when, reportedly, an object, they were playing with exploded, which resulted in death of a 12 year old boy on the spot and injuring four others.


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