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Rebel PDP leaders lash out at Mehbooba

Rebel PDP leaders lash out at Mehbooba
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Accuse her of promoting 'family Raj'

Srinagar: Hitting out at the former chief minister and PDP party President Mehbooba Mufti, five People Democratic Party (PDP) rebels on Friday accused Mehbooba of promoting ‘dynasty rule’.

Addressing a press conference here this evening, former Minister Imran Raza Ansari accompanied by by PDP leaders like Javed Beig said that Mehbooba ignored our pleas and instead promoted ‘family Raj’.

“Mehbooba is ruling state for two years. People have been taking to arms even during her tenure. Her statement that people will take gun if her MLAs are bought is absurd,” he said.

Javed Beig also accused Mehbooba of putting the lives of legislators and their families to risk by making statements that youth will take arms if efforts are made to break PDP.

Earlier today, Mehbooba Mufti warned New Delhi saying that any attempt by the Centre to “engineer” a split in her party will have “extremely dangerous” consequences.

Mehbooba resigned as chief minister on June 19 after the BJP pulled out of the coalition with the PDP in the state and withdrew support to her government.

“My party is strong, there are differences which can be resolved. However, if there are any attempts to engineer a split in the PDP like it was done in 1987 to commit robbery on people’s vote and to crush the MUF (Muslim United Front), the results will be extremely dangerous,” she told reporters here.

Mehbooba also recalled that the events post the 1987 Assembly elections had “created” Syed Salahuddin, the supremo of Hizbul Mujahideen, and Mohammad Yasin Malik, the pro-Independence JKLF chief.


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