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No forecast of heavy rains: Sonam Lotus

No forecast of heavy rains: Sonam Lotus
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Srinagar: Meteorological department (MeT)  Director Sonam Lotus Thursday clarified that there is no heavy rainfall forecasted for next two weeks in Jammu and Kashmir as rumours are being spread that there will be heavy rainfall in next two weeks.

Taking on to the social networking site Facebook Sonam Lotus wrote “Since last few days, this office has been receiving many calls especially from South Kashmir saying that there is a forecast of Continuous Heavy Rain from 19th to 25th and the news has spread far across South Kashmir( I dont know who spread such unconfirmed news).

As a result of this, the people of the area seem to have accepted that news and are worried. I want to clear this rumour & convey the official message that:

“There is no such forecast as continuous rainfall from 19th to 25th in Kashmir. Since, monsoon is active over J&K, there is forecast of frequent Monsoon Shower especially in Jammu region during next 1 week, ” he wrote.

“On certain occasion, there will be rain/thundershower in many parts of Kashmir and at some parts of Ladakh region as well and it is normal” .(GNS)

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