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Novelty: Valley patients to get Unique Identification Number

Novelty: Valley patients to get Unique Identification Number
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Srinagar: In a move that will be novel to the State Healthcare system, the Health department is planning to come up with Unique Identification Number (UIN) for the patients in order to keep a track on them. The decision according to officials will ensure their proper referral on various levels of the healthcare aimed at reduction of unnecessary patient load.

The UIN, it has been learnt, will be particularly put in place, in order to keep a track of patients who are suffering from chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, TB, and hepatitis and make sure that they receive proper and timely treatment.

The move, officials over-looking the novel step said, shall enable reduction of unnecessary patient load at higher level centres which can be managed at primary and secondary levels.

“In this regard, information technology for patient registration, referral, tracking and back-referral shall be put in use,” officials monitoring the proposed move, said, while affirming that the move will surely bring a “major change in the functioning of the system in general and the patient in particular.”

The recently put for the State Health Policy—which is first of its kind—has also recommended the development of tracking of patients especially those with chronic disease like cancer, diabetes, TB, and hepatitis. “Proper referral of patients from primary to secondary level, and secondary to tertiary health care institutions shall be ensured,” the maiden State Health Policy reads.

Interestingly, a step further, the department is also planning to have UIN (or Unique Health ID) linked to patient’s Aadhar so that all relevant health information about each individual is available online.

“Linking it to the Aadhar is the next step which may be taken to make the details just a click away, whenever they are to be used,” officials said.

Moreover, with the help of Information and Communication technology, the department is also planning to develop ‘e-Health Portal’ aimed at enhancing e-governance in the department at all levels right from the secretariat to the block levels.

In a proposed major over-haul in the e-governance, the department is also revealing that an effective health Geographic Information System (GIS) will be developed which will be aimed at “helping in improvement of staff attendance, better patient care and make the system more responsive in a fair manner using Information and Communication technology and help moving towards maximum governance, minimum government,” the officials said.

Also, the Health Helpline which is already in place, is said, will be strengthened and made toll-free. “A health helpline 104 should be established at State level where citizens can have access of various facilities in their area like medical facilities, hospitals, pharmacy and diagnostic centers and should be strengthened and made toll free,” they said.

In reference to the over-haul in the e-governance, the recommendations in the State Health Policy also state: “…a large number of IT professionals are working in the department as Data Entry Operators, Data Managers, District Programme Managers, District and Block Monitoring and Evaluation Officers, etc and their services can be utilized for E health.”

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