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Mehnaz Siddique case: Women’s commission cannot impose itself on anyone, says Chairperson

Mehnaz Siddique case: Women’s commission cannot impose itself on anyone, says Chairperson
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Srinagar: Days after the Pakistani born woman, Mehnaz Sidique’s alleged ‘harassment’ case came to fore, the state Commission for Women said that the Commission cannot impose itself on any person as the person in question has not come before it so far.

“We will not take any suo-moto notice as the victim has not approached us though she was in touch with the officials of the commission,” Nayeema Mehjoor, Chairperson SWC, said.

She said that the SWC takes suo-moto notice in case the victim has no other means to contact us or is a minor or if the matter is being hushed up by some official or any agency.

Mehjoor said that the commission called Mehnaz several times but she didn’t turn up.

“I am receiving many messages, calls and even was tagged in Facebook posts relating Mehnaz Sidiqui who has a marital dispute with Abdullah Danish, her Kashmirir husband,” Mehjoor said.

“Last year, Mehnaz sent me a WhatsApp message regarding her problem and the same day I informed her husband to appear before the commission so that I can hear both the sides and take action,” Mehjoor said.

“However, Mehnaz didn’t turn up, when she was called by my office about not turning up she said she was not feeling well. We set another date for the hearing and both were called again, however, this time also she didn’t come and when called up again by my office she said, please keep the case pending until I come back to you again,” the SWC chairperson added.

“She was called by my office once again but couldn’t get through her. Commission cannot take any action until a complainant wants to pursue her case. After few months, a shopkeeper called me and said that some woman in the shop is in a distressed condition. I told him to put me through to this woman and I will find a way to help her. When I spoke to the lady, it was Mehnaz and I asked her why didn’t she come to me? She seemed in distress and I asked her to meet me as soon as possible. But she didn’t come,” the Chairperson informed.

“I spoke to Mehnaz yesterday. I told her to come to commission and I will bring her husband as well but she refused by saying that ‘I don’t want to come face to face with him’. Commission has a rule of bringing compliant and respondent together to hear both sides and if needed witnesses as well in order to find solution to their problem,” she said.

Mehjoor said that she has filed case in court for domestic violence and maintenance. She will certainly get relief from court on the merits of the case.

“I spoke to Danish Sherwani about the maintenance of kids, he said the ‘decision about it is expected on 10th July and domestic violence hearing is also due in the court’,” the chairperson said.

Regarding her visa or stay in Kashmir, Mehjoor said “it is not my jurisdiction neither state government can do it. She has to apply to central government for that, she said.

“Having said that, if she still feels I can help personally or commission can help, she needs to inform us and we will make sure to help her by all means. But, we have to listen to other side as well, she added. (KNS)

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