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Government favours private schools, mulls to amend SRO 123  

Government favours private schools, mulls to amend SRO 123  
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Srinagar: The J&K government is mulling to amend the SROI 123 for private schools, a move which will relieve private schools of various confrontations faced in establishment of private educational institutions in J&K state.

The announcement was made by the education minister Choudhary Zulfkar Ali in his address during a function organized by J&K coordination committee of private schools (JKCCPS) in Radison hotel on Wednesday evening.

The minister said the government will amend SRO 123 and remove some of the provisions which are not reasonable and relevant during the present times.

“We are your facilitators and we will encourage you for every genuine issue,” he said.

Pertinently, as per the SRO 123 the private school should be located in noise free zones with a classroom space of around 1-2 square meters per student.

Also, every school management should have set up the parents association for decision making processes.

The schools should have clean drinking water facility besides a playroom of 150 square meters besides, it should have separate multiple toilets for boys and girls, multipurpose laboratory in an area of 75 square meter and an extra classroom in case more than fifty students are in one class.

As per the SRO, Principal’s room in primary and middle schools should comprises minimum area of 150 square meters with at least one more staff room of 100 square meters.

Meanwhile, the education minister asked the private schools to change the negative public perception among public that private schools have become money minting machines.

“I was told that private schools are money minting machines but If they have invested, they should also be allowed to earn but through a rightful means,” he said.

He said the proprietors of private educational institutions have invested their money and have right to earn but through legal means.

“But if you have established a school then your mandate is only to teach. You can’t sell shoes or text books or school uniforms. You contribute a lot in education sector but still parents have grievances against your schools,” the education minister said. The minister said it was his responsibility to promote private education sector but at the same time private schools should run their institutions through legal means.

“”Education has become a biggest challenge and has become a worst causality during the prevailing situation. I got a report that schools remained closed for 32 days in two months. Government and private sector has to work hand in hand to make education sector progress,” he said.

He said well-of people in Kashmir go to Jammu and find it safe for their wards to study knowing that Hartals and restrictions won’t close schools there. “But we have to think about future of majority of the students who don’t move out of Kashmir,” he said.

The minister further stated that a class on moral education will be mandatory and compulsory in all the schools.

“Government will issue formal orders for it in coming days and all government orders need to be adhered by private schools to avoid any strict action from the government,” he said.


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