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Medicos call off strike

Medicos call off strike
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Srinagar: After remaining on strike for almost 6 days, Resident Doctors’ Association (RDA) at SKIMS has finally called off their strike on Wednesday evening “for the time being.”

“In the view of order issued by Director SKIMS via no: SIMS 301 01(02)/18/666/69 dated 16-05-2018 signifying that the pay hike for PG residents shall be applied soon and necessary order will be issued in 2-3 days,” RDA said in a statement.

In light of this order, the RDA said that “it has decided to call off the strike for time being so that the patients do not suffer any more.”

RDA said that it hails the efforts of Director SKIMS Dr Omar Javaid Shah “for his tireless efforts in order to bring the government to terms for the benefits of Resident Doctors and SKIMS in particular.

Notably, the resident doctors have been demanding the restoration of their pay bands that were slashed by the authorities in 2001. The protesting doctors are also insisting on timely release of their arrears that are pending since January 2001

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