Why the world is mum on killings? 

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It was mayhem in Gaza as Israeli troops shot unarmed civilians with impunity on Monday. The action by the Israeli troops was so brutal that nearly five dozen protestors were shot dead using live ammunition while as more than 2500 were wounded.

For decades now the Israeli forces in Gaza and other Palestinian settlements has targeted innocent civilians and taken a tough posture on protests by unarmed civilians and placed its security with the intention to shoot to kill Palestinians demonstrators.

The killing by Israeli troops was by far the deadliest day of cross-border violence since a devastating 2014 war between Israel and Gaza’s Hamas rulers. However, a major difference is that in 2014 it was a full fledged fight between Hamas and Israeli troops but yesterdays killings are a mere shame for Israel and its supporters as the troops targeted innocent and unarmed civilians.

Yesterday’s protests culminated more than a month of weekly demonstrations aimed at breaking a crippling Israeli-Egyptian border blockade. But the U.S. Embassy move, bitterly opposed by the Palestinians, triggered the action. The killings are a direct result of the American hegemony which it tries to establish by implementing its decisions without taking the other party into confidence.

Monday’s killings were a direct result of the inauguration ceremony for the new embassy which the US had announced to open in Jerusalem. An upgraded consular building located just 50 miles away which was inaugurated with much fanfare as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other top officials joined an American delegation of Trump administration officials and supporters.

Though the US and Israeli administrations may not acknowledge the fallout of these killings immediately but in the long run the killings have raised new doubts about US Presidents ambitions to broker any peace proposals in the disputed territory.

The Palestinians have much earlier cut off ties with the Trump administration and say the U.S. is unfit to serve as a mediator. The move by Israeli government to annex Jerusalem captured by it in the 1967

Mideast war and annexed the area in a move that is not internationally recognized will split the region further with bitter consequences that will be visible over a period of time.

Palestinians who seek east Jerusalem as their capital, have a much stronger claim over the region and their aver cannot be put aside or ignored by any power in the world. The legitimate rights of the Palestinian people cannot be disregarded and such moves will not serve peace, security and stability in the region.

When then entire world is calling for establishing peace, the move by the US and Israel to establish its writ does not augur well for the efforts that are put in by world leaders to encourage establishment of peace in all disputed regions and territories spread across the globe.

It is right time for the entire world leadership to comment on the hostile actions by a foreign state in breach of international law wherever they occur. Silence on these mindless premeditated killings of innocent civilians is deafening. The world leaders have to speak up today- tomorrow may be too late.



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