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Though nothing has been finalised about the delegation that is supposed to meet the Prime Minister Narindra Modi asking him to declare a unilateral ceasefire in Jammu and Kashmir ahead of the holy month of Ramadhan, the ruling PDP is trying hard to get the main opposition party also in the delegation.

The appeal for a ceasefire and the composition of the delegation that is scheduled to meet the PM is already mired by controversies. Primarily, because the PDP’s ally and partner BJP has already rebuffed the Chief Minister by negating any such discussion that was reportedly held regarding the issue during the all party meet (APM) called by the Chief Minister here during the last week.

Secondly, the ruling party’s announcement post the all party meet hit a road block as a legislator stated that no such discussion took place during the APM and the ruling party is trying to create an atmosphere to make itself relevant.

Ironically, the decision taken during the APM has not gone well with the centre as well. The centre too has been critical of the announcement and a union Minister made it clear on Saturday that PDP is playing politics over the Ramadhan ceasefire offer.

In this backdrop the ruling PDP is trying hard to get the main opposition party, the NC to be part of the delegation that will meet PM Modi and seek an announcement on the ceasefire from him.

PDP is now appealing its arch rival to join the all-Party delegation for meeting with Prime Minister and urge him to initiate a dialogue.

The change of heart and strategy on the part of the PDP is seen something that the party has been forced to acknowledge. Since, the demand has already faced rough weather, the ruling party wants itself to be seen as a relevant and potent force when it comes to deciding the future course about the state.

Involving the NC will also send a clear signal to the right wing BJP top bosses that the PDP is still having an option to ally with NC in case the party faces a tough posture by the centre on the ceasefire issue.

In politics as they say, you do not have permanent foes and friends-the PDP wants to harp on this very plank. But given the present scenario it hardly seems to be turning into a reality.

However, the ground situation in the valley is that at present the mainstream politics has taken a back seat and the politicians have been forced to stay away from the people from the past two years now.

The situation is highly volatile in Kashmir valley so much so that no mainstream politician has even ventured to try his luck and go amidst the people by organising any rallies or public contact programmes.



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